Who do you trust when the group who’s supposed to be protecting you IS the threat?

Who Is It Targeting: The elderly

What Is It: An eldercare advocacy group scamming citizens out of their identities

What Are They After: Posing as agents from the Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging, scammers reach out to elderly residents and request their highly sensitive personal information, including financial records. With a variety of possible excuses as to why they need the information, they con their victims into handing over their complete identities.

Officials with the Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging have confirmed that not only are these individuals not employed by the agency but that the agency has no reason to request this type of information from the public.

How Can You Avoid It:

  • If you are ever called or visited by someone who claims to need your personal information, do not hand it over.
  • Anyone with a legitimate need for sensitive information about you will have more proof than just a phone call or a door-to-door visit.
  • You are never required to give your information to someone who calls you or comes to your door, and you should certainly never let anyone into your home who claims to need your identifying information.

For full details of this scam check out this article from PAHomepage.com.

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