Facebook users are being targeted for their personal information via quizzes.

Scam: Facebook Quiz

Who It’s Targeting: Social media users

What It Is: Under the pretense of being a fun way to kill some time online, quizzes that are shared by social media users have gotten more and more invasive over the years. Now, some of the current “quizzes” are nothing more than privacy deathtraps that require full access to a lot of your personal data in order to play along.

What They Are After: The companies that create and share these viral quizzes are after your personal contact information, your friends’ lists, even your photos. It’s a way to dupe you into handing over your social media content and history, while they profit off your contact information by selling it to advertisers and spammers.

How You Can Avoid It: As tempting as it is to have a computer inform you of your most commonly used word on Facebook, or to tell you how your IQ compares to that of famous historical figures, avoid the temptation to relinquish control of your personal data. A few minutes’ diversion isn’t worth the risk of spam emails and phishing attempts.

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