The City of Dayton, Ohio is warning of a charity scam making the rounds in the area.

Who Is It Targeting: Residents of Dayton, Ohio

What Is It: Residents of Dayton, Ohio are receiving phone calls from scammers who are posing as representatives of a charity.  The scammers state that they are representatives of the Dayton Fire Department and are seeking donations for a charity drive. The Dayton Fire Department is no running a current charity drive and is not making any phone solicitations for donations. This means that your “donation” will be going straight to a scammer and not any for of charity.

What Are They After: Direct Payment

How Can You Avoid It: You should always be very careful with phone calls seeking charitable donations.  If you receive such a call and find that you do want to donate to the cause, do not do so over the phone.  You should research the organization, make sure they are legitimate and then donate through another verified, official  platform.  Guidestar is a good place to look for information on charities, as well as the Better Business Bureau.  If you do receive one of these phone calls you can simply hang up and report it to Dayton Police at 937-333-2677.