Deputies warn of fake tech support representatives in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Who Is It Targeting: Citizens in Hendersonville, North Carolina

What It Is: Citizens in Hendersonville, N.C. are being targeted by scammers posing as Windows tech support representatives.  The scammers are calling the individuals and claiming they have a computer problem and then take control of the victim’s computer to “fix” it. Once the scammer has access to the computer, they then steal the victim’s information or introduce malware.

What Are They After: Personal Identifying Information

How Can You Avoid It:  If you receive a phone call requesting access to your computer, simply hang up.   Always prioritize guarding your personal information. If you need computer support, contact Microsoft online at for advice. If you believe that you may have given the scammers personal information, call and speak to a Victim Advisor at the Identity Theft Resource Center for free help at 888.400.5530.

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