Throughout the year, the Identity Theft Resource Center hosts informative Twitter chats on ways the public can protect itself from fraud and scams.

For our upcoming Twitter chat on Thursday, February 4th at 3pm (EST), we’re joining our co-hosts from IDT911 to talk about some of the top scams that are affecting consumers right now.

Some of the topics we’ll cover in this informative session will include:

  • What scams are you hearing about right now?
  • Who is at a high risk of falling for a scam?
  • Tax time is always a large source of scams. What are some tips to avoid tax-related scams?
  • Sweetheart Scams prey on people looking for love. Any advice for avoiding these – especially online?
  • Super Bowl scams are here. How do you know if those low price tickets or ticket giveaways are real?
  • New social media scams pop up every day. How do you identify a scam and protect yourself?
  • Are scams more common online? Or do we still need to worry about traditional phone calls and letters?
  • The elderly are often targets for scammers. How can we protect family and friends?
  • What resources are available for someone who may have already been scammed?
  • What’s your number one tip for spotting a scam?

Scams are nothing new, and have been around in one form or another pretty much since humans first learned that they could get something for nothing by resorting to trickery. The difference these days is the internet has given thieves an unparalleled ability to reach thousands of people at a time at the touch of a button, as well as provided a limitless global audience to victimize. Of course, the shift to internet scamming means it’s all too easy to let our guard down when an “old-fashioned” scam shows up by mail or phone call.

Join us for this important Twitter chat and learn some of the top scams out there, as well as ways to recognize and respond to communications that make you think twice. In order to take part in this free, live event, participants must simply log into their Twitter accounts at 3pm (EST) on February 4th and follow the #IDTheftChat hashtag.

For your convenience, you may also log into the ID Theft Tweet Deck chat room by going to after signing into your Twitter account. Be sure to type “#IDTheftChat” at the end of each of your tweets so that others may see your comments and questions. If you can’t make the live event, you can also search for the hashtag on Twitter at a later date to read all of the information on the topic of tax identity theft.

Be sure to follow the Identity Theft Resource Center (@IDTheftCenter) and IDT911 (@IDT911) on Twitter for information that will protect you and your loved ones from internet and identity theft crimes throughout the year.