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As a federal employee, you have been directed to the ITRC website because you believe you may be a victim of identity theft.  Or maybe you are interested in ways to minimize your risk of becoming a victim.  The ITRC is the long-time trusted resource for assisting victims and consumers with removing roadblocks created by identity theft. All the information you need to answer your questions about protecting yourself from identity theft, data breaches, cyber security, scams/fraud or privacy issues can be found within the hundreds of useful documents, guides, tips, and tools available on this website. You will also find hundreds of articles and blogs on topics which may be of interest to you, created to help make you more aware of all the other issues which might threaten your identity or your privacy. 

Identity theft can seem overwhelming at times.  You may be faced with tasks that may be confusing and situations you don't know how to handle.  You might find yourself dealing with law enforcement, creditors, collection agencies and others as you try to mitigate your case. In fact, there are several different types of identity theft which can impact your life in many different ways.

Financial identity theft, like newly opened accounts, oftentimes are mitigated quite easily.  Unfortunately, other types of identity theft cases - such as governmental, criminal, and medical - may be much more difficult to resolve.  Government might involve income tax fraud, wage-related fraud, or fraudulently received benefits.  Criminal identity theft could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest because of unpaid traffic violations.  Medical identity theft might involve collection notices for bills you haven't paid or end up in mixed medical records.  Victims of these types of crimes need a place to turn when there is no where else to go -

The ITRC provides one-on-one assistance should you discover you are a victim of identity theft and education if you are seeking answers on how to protect yourself.  Please know the ITRC staff is here to help you, at no cost.  You may contact the offices at the toll-free number, 888-400-5530, by email, or by Live Chat.

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Fed Resource is partnering with the ITRC in providing informative webinars and materials to all Fed Resource...

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Government Breaches - What you need to know

Together, Fed Resource and the ITRC want to keep you informed about breaches and other events which might make you increasingly vulnerable to becoming a victim of identity theft.

Over the past few years, many government employees have been seriously affected by data breach incidents exposing their sensitive personal identifying information.

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