Scammers are targeting members of the military with this scam offering free phones.

Scam: Free Phones for Veterans

Who It’s Targeting: Active Duty, Reserve, and Veterans of the Military

What It Is: A scam that targets US armed services veterans with offers of free cell phone service, only to revoke that service later unless the vet can prove he or she meets the income threshold and provides an abundance of personal identifiable information.

What They Are After: Typically, these offers are seeking to sign up new members in order to earn a commission on the new accounts, regardless of eligibility. In extreme cases, the scammers are actually after the veteran’s personal information in order to steal the individual’s identity.

How You Can Avoid It: There is a legitimate government program to provide free phone service to underprivileged and underserved people, but being a veteran isn’t a requirement for eligibility. In this era when so many citizens are focused on the plight of the ignored veterans, this scam is particularly atrocious as it leads people to believe an organization is reaching out to support our troops.