Scammers target Torrent Users and other sites that allow users to download copyrighted shows with fraudulent anti-piracy letters.

Who Is It Targeting: Residents of Lamar County, Texas

What Is It:  Scammers target users of online media sharing programs like Torrent.  In this scam, thieves send emails to users of these media sharing programs, notifying them of their infringement of anti-piracy laws for downloading popular copyrighted shows like Game of Thrones, and includes a link where they can “settle” their case and pay any fines.  In actuality the link is malware and infects your computer when you click the link.  It will then prompt you to forward the email chain to other users in order to target them as well.

What Are They After: Access to Personal Computers, personal identifying information

How Can You Avoid It:  Never click on a link from any email sender you don’t know or trust.  Call the number on the official website of whatever company the email purports to be from and confirm whether they are currently sending anti-piracy emails of this type.

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