• A recent GEICO data breach led to fraudsters gaining access to nearly 132,000 GEICO customer’s driver’s license numbers. GEICO says they believe threat actors could use the information to apply for unemployment benefits fraudulently.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s third-party contact tracing vendor, Insight Global, failed to secure phone numbers, email addresses and personal information like gender, age, sexual orientation, COVID-19 diagnosis and exposure status of more than 72,000 Pennsylvania residents. Third-party breaches continue to be a growing trend.
  • Like the Pennsylvania Department of Health, ParkMobile Parking App also suffered a supply chain attack. The ParkMobile data incident exposed the non-sensitive information of 21 million users, putting them at risk of falling victim to social engineering.
  • For more information about April data breaches, consumers and businesses should visit the Identity Theft Resource Center’s (ITRC) data breach tracking tool, notified.  
  • If you believe you are a victim of identity theft from a data breach, contact the ITRC toll-free at 888.400.5530 or through live-chat on the company website www.idtheftcenter.org.

Notable April Data Breaches

Of all the data breaches the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) tracked in April, three stand out: GEICO, Pennsylvania Department of Health and the ParkMobile Group. All three data events are notable for unique reasons. In one, the company is very detailed in how criminals are misusing the information and what people should look out for; another event includes a contact tracing service failing to secure the private information of some residents in Pennsylvania – re-affirming a trend identified by the ITRC; the third compromise led to the exposure of data for 21 million people – stemming from a supply chain attack.


A security bug led to threat actors stealing personally identifiable information (PII) from approximately 132,000 GEICO customers between January 21 and March 1. According to the GEICO data breach notice, fraudsters used the information they acquired about customers elsewhere to obtain unauthorized access to people’s driver’s license numbers through the online sales system of their website. GEICO says that they believe the information from the breach could be used to apply for unemployment benefits fraudulently. Unemployment benefits fraud continues to impact consumers all over the U.S. There could be over $200 billion lost to the fraud. The ITRC has received over 1,400 cases of unemployment benefits fraud in 2020 and 2021, compared to only 12 cases in 2019.

The GEICO data breach is notable because the insurance company is very detailed in how the information could be used and what people need to keep an eye on. It is not often the ITRC sees this level of detail in a data breach notice.

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Insight Global, a company that has provided COVID-19 contact tracing services for the Pennsylvania Department of Health since 2020, failed to secure the private information of more than 72,000 people.  According to WSKG, a health department spokesman said they recently learned workers at Insight Global disregarded security protocols established in the contract and created unauthorized documents outside the state’s secure data system.

The information exposed in the Pennsylvania Department of Health data compromise includes phone numbers, email addresses and personal information such as gender, age, sexual orientation, COVID-19 diagnosis and exposure status. The Pennsylvania Department of Health does not know how many people may have viewed or downloaded the documents. Officials say notifications will be mailed to all affected Pennsylvania residents.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health data compromise is the latest third-party exposure to occur. According to the ITRC’s Q1 2021 Data Breach Report, there’s been a 42 percent increase in supply chain attacks, including 27 at third-party vendors impacting 137 U.S. organizations, and 19 supply chain attacks in Q4 2020.

ParkMobile Group

The parking app, ParkMobile, also suffered a data compromise due to a vulnerability in third-party software, affecting 21 million people. According to the ParkMobile notification letter, they became aware of the vulnerability and launched an investigation, which is still ongoing. Information exposed includes license plate numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses and vehicle nicknames. According to KrebsOnSecurity, the data appeared for sale on a Russian-language crime forum.

Anyone who uses the ParkMobile parking app, used by cities and universities across the U.S., could be at risk of falling victim to social engineering. While no sensitive information was exposed, if hackers get enough information about people, they can put all of the information they have gathered together to commit identity fraud.

What to Do if These Breaches Impact You

Anyone who receives a data breach notification letter should follow the advice offered by the company. The ITRC recommends immediately changing your password by switching to a 12+-character passphrase, changing the passwords of other accounts with the same password as the breached account, considering using a password manager and keeping an eye out for phishing attempts claiming to be from the breached company.  

GEICO encourages its customers to check their account statements and credit reports regularly for any suspicious activity.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has set up a hotline (855.535.1787) for those concerned about the security of their information.


For more information about April data breaches, or other data breaches, consumers and businesses should visit the ITRC’s data breach tracking tool, notified, free to consumers. 

Organizations that need comprehensive breach information for business planning or due diligence can access as many as 90 data points through one of the three paid notified subscriptions. Subscriptions help ensure the ITRC’s identity crime services stay free.    

Contact the ITRC

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