As a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community, all of the generous donations from our community of supporters go right back into making our mission possible.

Throughout the year we look for opportunities to find grants and strategic partners in order to fulfill our goals of providing free assistance to consumers, but those funding options are limited. That’s why we’re excited to be taking part in the MRC Technology Makeover contest, which will help us meet the continuing and ever-changing needs of the identity theft and protection realm if we win.

The winning organization in this contest will receive an office technology makeover valued at up to $15,000. The second place winner will receive a $7,000 tech makeover, with third place receiving a $3,000 makeover.  Winning this contest would be a great opportunity for the ITRC, since it would help us expand our current capabilities—like our 24/7 toll-free call center to help victims of identity theft—and update the online resources that consumers, law enforcement officials, and policymakers can access at any time.

At the Identity Theft Resource Center, we work to provide best-in-class victim assistance at no charge to consumers throughout the United States. Our mission also includes educating consumers, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations on best practices for fraud and identity theft detection, reduction and mitigation. Finally, we serve as a relevant national resource on consumer issues related to cybersecurity, data breaches, social media, fraud, scams and other issues. But all of this consumer focus takes dedication and hard work, but also takes the technological resources to provide the best help out there.

Advanced technology can help the ITRC work more efficiently, and make us even more effective in assisting identity theft victims and educating consumers nationwide. So what do we need to particpate in this event?

You, of course! Your votes will determine the winners, so we need your help! Go to and scroll down until you find the Identity Theft Resource Center and vote! You can vote once per day on each of your devices through Friday, June 19, at 5 p.m. Your vote is crucial to helping us with this contest, and please don’t forget to share it across your social media channels.

Happy voting and thank you for your support!