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[Organization] Encourages You to Become an Identity Ace

Identity theft is a crime that affects millions of consumers year after year. The Federal Trade Commission has reported that identity theft has ranked as the number one consumer complaint for the past 13 years.  In fact:

Personal identities are increasingly valuable in the hands of an identity thief.  No longer is just stealing your wallet enough.  The personal information in your wallet (or house or computer or Smartphone) is worth more than the amount of money a thief would normally be able to steal.  It also holds more trouble for the victim.  Instead of being a victim once, people who fall prey to identity thieves are victimized again and again, often for the rest of their lives!

The Identity Theft Resource Center has spent the past 14 years providing victim assistance and consumer education all at no cost to the general public. They want to continue their work, but they need everyone’s help! That’s why [Organization] is putting the word out to Become an Identity Ace for the Identity Theft Resource Center.  This campaign is being launched nationwide to help raise awareness and funds to keep the ITRC’s service free to consumers and victims alike.

Your support will provide the ITRC with the resources to educate people across the nation about the services the Identity Theft Resource Center provides to victims.  So many of these victims don’t have the financial means to mitigate a complicated case of identity theft and need the ITRC’s help.  You will also be helping each and every person in America protect themselves from identity theft as your donations help create educational materials that go out to the public every day!

We hope you will take a moment and Become an Identity Ace.  You never know who may need the Identity Theft Resource Center next! Here is how you can put on a cape and take back control!