Frozen Pii talks with the ITRC in the newest Fraudian Slip podcast about credit freezes, one of the most important tools in fighting identity crimes  In 2002 California passed the first state law requiring the three credit bureaus to allow people to freeze their credit so no one else could access it. There used to be fees to freeze and […]

Right now is a very difficult time for a lot of individuals as concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be at the top of people’s minds. In addition to the inconvenience of social distancing and isolation and the very real fears for personal health and safety, many people are also facing the stress of […]

Disaster relief scams strike when people are at their most vulnerable state. It’s why it’s important to know how to avoid a scam.

SentiLink talks with the ITRC in the newest Fraudian Slip podcast about the unprecedented levels of identity fraud as people have applied for government benefits during COVID-19  For the first time since the reports of unemployment identity fraud began to spike in March 2020, the number of cases has steadily declined. So have the number of fraudulent stimulus cases linked to identity fraud.  However, June […]

If you have a Venmo account, you may have been asked recently to re-verify your identity on Venmo. The payment app asks  users to do so as part of compliance with government regulations. Anyone who does not take part in the identity verification process will not be able to store money on the app. Instead, […]

LexisNexis talks with the ITRC in the newest Fraudian Slip podcast about the impact of identity fraud in the government & business sectors and how you can prevent identity fraud  This month’s Fraudian Slip podcast talks about the steady growth of cybercriminals using stolen information to commit identity fraud.   In the final ten months of 2020, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) helped […]

Some people do not know how to recycle e-waste. However, it’s a good e-waste solution that will keep people’s data and the environment safe.

Having a digital spring-cleaning checklist is more important now than ever with the evolution of the digital age.

The ITRC sits down with the IDSA to discuss how identity management has changed, the future of identity and how identity crimes are changing.