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After a couple of years away from the top of the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, identity theft reports have returned to the top spot. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accepts agency, business and consumer-submitted reports of scams, fraud and other related crimes. They then compile those reports into a large online database called the […]

Tax returns

Once the decorations are put away and the confetti is swept up, the start of a brand-new year opens up before us. However, among all the goodwill about new beginnings and fresh starts, there is an age-old task waiting for you that is not very pleasant: tax filing. Somehow, the old year is not over […]

New Year's resolutions

The holidays have past and a new year is upon us. With that, New Year’s resolutions are beginning to surface. Some resolutions might include going to the gym every day, spending less time on social media or creating a budget you can actually stick to next year. While some of those resolutions might be more […]

2019 has come and gone and it is time to jump into the future and look at the 2020 trends for identity theft. Looking Back at Our 2019 Predictions First, when we look back at our 2019 predictions, there is one particular prediction that came true. In 2019 we predicted that other states would follow […]


As this year winds down, it is important to spend a little time reflecting on the 2019 identity crimes, some of the things that went right in 2019 and the things that did not go as well. This is true for so many subjects, especially identity crime – which includes scams, fraud, data breaches, cybercrime […]

Purse in car

Car safety does not just apply to how you drive. It also applies to what you leave behind. Our vehicles can often feel like a home away from home, especially for busy people with a lot on their plates. At any given time, your car might contain a change of clothes in your gym bag, […]

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and the Identity Theft Resource Center are teaming up for a very important public event on Twitter. International Fraud Awareness Week Nov 17-23 The two organizations have partnered to help consumers understand what is fraud, how to recognize a potential fraud attempt, and what to do about it. […]

Can you handle this? ? ? We’re excited to announce that we have switched our social media handles to @IDTheftCenter and we thought we’d drop the news like a Beyoncé album. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for tips to protect your identity, news regarding scams and data breaches, and upcoming events. Contact the Identity Theft Resource Center for […]