One of the most baffling forms of identity theft and fraud is synthetic identity theft. This crime occurs when a would-be thief assembles an identity from stolen or assumed parts. It might be a name and birthdate gleaned from a computer record, an address made up on the spot, a Social Security number (SSN) concocted […]

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If you have been to the DMV recently, there is a possibility they are selling personal information that belongs to you to a third-party. You might not think of privacy when you think of a government-issued ID, but DMV privacy is a serious matter. For years, consumers have been cautioned about protecting their sensitive information […]

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At the Identity Theft Resource Center, we often receive a phone call from someone who has made the brave decision to remove themselves from a situation involving domestic violence and abuse, only to discover their abusers have stolen their identities. Whether these victims have physically left the shared residence or are still planning their escape, […]

Consumers have a new law in New York to thank for providing additional protection from identity theft and data breaches. The law, which was passed by the state legislature in June in response to the rash of record-breaking data breaches and updated regulations, spells out how companies must respond when a breach event occurs. The […]

On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, people could begin filing Equifax claims for the recent data breach settlement, which included filing an Equifax breach settlement claim for a minor. In 2017, Equifax, one of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the world, announced they suffered a data breach. More than 148 million consumers’ identities had […]

With the recent Equifax data breach settlement, as well as the large Capital One breach, many people are asking questions about credit monitoring services. Should I use them? What are its benefits? The conversation really gained steam when Equifax began offering free credit monitoring services to people impacted by their breach. Credit monitoring services are […]

People can now begin to file an Equifax claim for the recent data breach settlement. In 2017, Equifax, one of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the world, announced that it had suffered a data breach. More than 148 million consumers’ identities had been stolen. This month, a settlement was reached in the class-action […]

By Eva Velasquez, CEO & President of Identity Theft Resource Center The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Facebook, Inc. have reached a settlement regarding misuse of user data and privacy standards. The Facebook privacy settlement includes $5 billion in fines, the largest penalty in history for this type of offense and almost 20 times more than […]

You might just be asking what exactly even is deepfake? Well, deepfake is the technique of superimposing existing images and videos using machine learning. You could be hearing about it more recently since the actual term was coined in 2017 but deepfake has been commonly used by the film industry for many years. The 1994 […]


The Federal Trade Commission has been tackling the plague of robocalls for a long time and has had victories against this menace in the past. Now, a new report demonstrates that their initiative has had even more successful results. The program has been taking aim at robocallers and reminding them that their actions are illegal, […]