A Good Samaritan stepped in and saved a senior citizen from an IRS scam.

Who Is It Targeting: Taxpayers

What Is It: IRS scam that demands payment in gift cards

What Are They After: This scam is nothing new, and has been targeting people for quite some time. So what makes it different? In this IRS scam, a Good Samaritan noticed an unusual situation, and bothered to speak up.

A woman in California was shopping at Target when she noticed a very elderly man buying a lot of iTunes gift cards. She knew it might be for something suspicious, so she approached the man and simply asked him why he needed so many cards. When he replied that he had to buy them to get out of trouble, she called the police.

Scammers had contacted the man and told him they were from the IRS, then stated that he owed back taxes and would be arrested if he did not purchase the cards immediately and provide them with the numbers. The victim had already purchased $1700 worth of the cards when the woman stepped in, but he was prevented from buying an additional $500 worth when the police arrived and explained that he was not in trouble with the IRS.

How Can You Avoid It:

  • First, it’s important to be aware of the latest scam news.
  • It takes a lot of confidence to intrude on a stranger’s affairs, but sometimes it’s the only way to protect someone. If you see evidence of a possible scam, speak up.
  • Don’t hesitate to call the police if you think a scam is taking place.

For full details of this scam check out this article from Ventura County Star.

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