Parents and students are being targeted by scammers posing as IRS agents.

Who Is It Targeting: Parents, students and graduates nationwide

What It Is: People are being targeted by scammers nationwide who are posing as IRS agents.  The scammers are calling the targeted individuals and claiming that owe back taxes to the IRS and have started an audit because the individual did not pay their federal student tax.

What Are They After: Wire Transfers

How Can You Avoid It:  This scam has a few warning signals including asking for a wire transfer and knowing the IRS will never contact you by phone. If you receive a phone call from the IRS claiming you owe federal student taxes , simply hang up. There is no such thing as a federal student tax, but for any scam you should always try to call the legitimate source to check. Go online to to find the number for your local office and report it. The IRS does not call or email people, they will only contact you by mail. Never give money or bank information over the phone to someone who contacts you first. If you believe that you may have given the scammers personal information, call and speak to a Victim Advisor at the Identity Theft Resource Center for free help at 888.400.5530.

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