Each month, the Identity Theft Resource Center hosts an informative Twitter chat on ways to protect the public from identity theft, fraud and scams. Be sure to join us for a special edition Twitter chat on Thursday, January 29th, at 3pm ET/12pm PT. Our co-host this month is the Federal Trade Commission, and we’ll be discussing tax identity theft, prevention tactics, and signs of theft.

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week (January 26 – 30) kicks off the start of the tax filing season. This year, do your part to prevent tax identity theft by filing early – don’t give would-be identity thieves a chance to steal your data.

Our co-host @FTC will be sharing some of the common scams that come out during tax time, including IRS impostors. We will also be discussing tactics for safe tax filing, to ensure that your personal data stays private.

Some of the questions that we’ll be addressing during the chat include:

1.What is tax identity theft?

2.What are the signs of tax identity theft?

3.What should you do if you’re a victim of tax identity theft?

4.How can you prevent becoming a victim of tax id theft?

5.How long should you keep your tax records & how should you properly destroy them?

6.How do I know if it’s really the IRS contacting me?

7.What should I do if someone claiming to be IRS wants my credit card number to pay taxes or a fine?

In order to participate in this informative event on January 29th, users must log into their Twitter accounts and follow the hashtag #IDTheftChat. For your convenience, you may also log into the #IDTheftChat TweetChat room by going to http://tweetchat.com/room/IDTheftChat after signing into your Twitter account. Be sure to type “#IDTheftChat” at the end of each of your tweets so that others may see your comments and questions, and search for that hashtag to read all of the information on the topic of tax identity theft.

Be sure to also follow the Identity Theft Resource Center on Twitter (@IDTheftCenter) and FTC (@FTC) for great information that will help you protect yourself throughout the year.

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