Each month, the ITRC hosts an informative Twitter chat on a topic relating to the issue of identity theft, but in May, we have decided to do things a little differently. Instead of having a single industry expert or organization serve as our co-host this month, we will be asking our friends, partners, and sponsors to come together to answer the public’s questions related to every aspect of identity theft.  From cybersecurity to shredding to privacy, we will be tweeting best practices, helpful information, and fraud prevention tips that everyone can use.

Of course, anyone is free to ask questions! We will answer these questions during the chat as they come in, as well as provide more in-depth information at a later time. Some of the questions that have already been submitted to ITRC include:

1) What do you predict the next big trend in identity theft will be?

2) What is one tip to make your identity more secure online?

3) What scams are experts and law enforcement seeing right now?

4) What can people do to easily protect their privacy better?

Some of our guest experts during this open forum chat are security expert and author Robert Siciliano, the National Cyber Security Alliance, IDT911, and Fraud of the Day with more invitees expected to weigh in during the hour.

Join us for this engaging #IDTheftChat on Thursday, May 12th, at 3pm ET/12pm PT by logging into your Twitter account and following the #IDTheftChat hashtag. You may also log into the ID Theft Tweet Deck chat room by going to http://tweetchat.com/room/IDTheftChat after signing into your Twitter account. Be sure to type “#IDTheftChat” at the end of each of your tweets so that others may see your comments and questions.

For the most up-to-date information, follow the Identity Theft Resource Center (@IDTheftCenter) and our special guests on Twitter for news and advice that will protect you and your loved ones from internet and identity theft crimes throughout the year.

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