The ITRC has helped thousands of victims, all for FREE, thanks to our Sponsors and Partners, but we do appreciate hearing from you. Here are just a few messages from those we have helped:

“Hi Wilma, I again would like to thank you for your help I haven’t forgotten how helpful and kind you were when I was stressing over my Identity theft. All your information and patience calmed me down and I took step by step procedures to clear everything up and it looks like its working. I have just been approved to by a new home and my wife and I would like to again thank you. If and When I get my new keys to our home my first prayer of thanks will be for you.”

“I  just want to commend Kat, she’s been a great help,  I’ve never dealt with ID theft, and hoped I would never have to, but she’s been a great help with all of the information, it has been a bit overwhelming for me but I just want to commend her great customer service.  Thank you very much.”

“Thank you again for all your help today. I was very confused and upset about all this, and you really helped me both breathe easier and understand the steps I need to take. I just wish I’d spoken to you before I froze my credit reports.”

“I just want to let you know that I recently became a victim of identity theft. I am so glad I found the ITRC website and placed a call.  Your advisor was great at listening to me and then providing me with plenty of great information. He really is an expert. Even after only one call, ITRC has really made me feel better during this very stressful experience. I know now that I can reach out to ITRC for advice at anytime and that is a great feeling. Thank you very much for the great service your organization provides.”

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