Say “K, Bye!” to Scammers


Hang Up!

The robocall problem exploded in 2018 with nearly 48 billion robocalls made in the U.S.*

Scammers use employing known brands like banks, technology providers, utilities, retailers, etc. to defraud you of your personal data such as Social Security number, financial information, etc.

*According to YouMail, Inc., Jan 2019. 


K, Bye! Hat

Knowledge is Power

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) wants to empower you to disconnect from potential scams, including hanging-up on illegal robocalls, disengaging from scam texts/emails, and more through education. “K, Bye” is designed to inform you on best practices when you are on the receiving end of inbound scam/fraud phone calls, emails, SMS, instant messages or other methods.

Oh, Snap!

”K, Bye” entitles you to minimize your risk of becoming a victim through self-compromise by giving you a catchy phrase and a quick-reference guide for how to respond to scammers/fraudsters and protect yourself from inadvertently exposing your information.