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Child Identity Theft

Children can also be victims of identity theft, and in some cases the perpetrator may be a family member or someone known by the family.

Criminal Identity Theft

Unexpectedly failed an employment background check or learned there was a warrant out for your arrest? You might be a victim of criminal identity theft.

Elderly Identity Theft

Criminals target older adults for financial exploitation for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the thief is a relative, friend or caretaker.

Financial Identity Theft

Found a suspicious charge on your financial account statement? Been denied a credit card or loan? You might be a victim of financial identity theft.

Identity Theft

When someone wrongfully obtains and uses a person’s Personally Identifying Information (PII) for fraud, scams or cyber-crime.

Military Identity Theft

No one is immune to identity theft and members of the military are particularly vulnerable to it, especially while they’re on deployment.


Impostors use emails, text messages, phone calls and other methods to trick you into giving up personal information. Stay up-to-date on the latest scam tactics.