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ITRC Letter Form 100-1

Send ITRC Letter Form LF 100-1 to the Credit Issuers or Merchants who have reported fraudulent accounts on your credit report. This must be done in conjunction with ITRC Letter Form LF 100-3 – Request for Credit Line Blocking, which is sent to the credit reporting agency/s. This is to notify them that this may be a case of identity theft. Please do not send the completed form to the ITRC, as we have no legal authority to clear your record for you.

Click to download the form:

LF 100-1 Form

For more information please read our Fact Sheet FS 100 – The Begining Steps

This letter form should not be used in lieu of legal advice. Any requests to reproduce this material, other than by individual victims for their own use, should be directed to ITRC thanks the CRA’s in providing material for this guide.

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