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ITRC Letter Form 100-3

By law, the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) must block fraudulently opened accounts, called a “trade line” or “credit line”, from appearing on your credit report, according to the FCRA Section 605b.  A trade line is a credit account such as a department store card or gas card.  It may also be a collection notice from an account you never opened.  This is a good tool if you need to be able to temporarily block a fraudulent account to get a loan for an item you need immediately.

  •  Send the credit reporting agency/s a copy of your identity theft affidavit (see identity theft report) and a letter telling them what information is fraudulent.  The letter also should state that the information does not relate to any transaction that you made or authorized.
  • Send the credit reporting agency/s a copy of your police report
  • Send along a photo copy of the credit report page/s with fraudulent account/s highlighted or circled
  • In addition, provide proof of your identity (this may include copies of your SSN, driver’s license, and a utility bill)

The consumer reporting company has four business days to block the fraudulent information after accepting your identity theft report.  It also must tell the information provider (credit issuer) that it has blocked the information. The CRA may refuse to block the information or remove the block if, for example, you have not told the truth about your identity theft. If the CRA removes the block, or refuses to place the block, it must let you know.  If the credit issuer decides it is not a fraudulent account, it can tell the CRA to place the account back on the credit report.  They must notify you of this action and why it occurred.

Please fill-out and send completed ITRC Letter Form LF 100-3 to each credit reporting agency who has listed fraudulent information.  This must be done in conjunction with ITRC Letter Form LF 100-1, which is sent to the credit issuer/merchant.  Please do not send the completed form to the ITRC, as we have no legal authority to clear your record for you.

For more information please read our ITRC Fact Sheet FS 100 – The Beginning Steps.

Send all documents Certified Mail Return Receipt.

Click to download the form:

LF 100-3 Form

This letter form should not be used in lieu of legal advice. Any requests to reproduce this material, other than by individual victims for their own use, should be directed to ITRC thanks the CRA’s in providing material for this guide.

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