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The following state government agencies can provide information about any state-specific
identity theft situation and/or help you with any state-specific fraud.

Agency Reasons to Contact Contact Information
Connecticut Attorney General State credit/security freeze information

Phone: (860) 808-5318

CT Secretary of State Contact for questions regarding business identity theft.

Contact regarding fraudulent notarization documents or stolen notary license/stamps.

CT Department of Corrections Clear up a false jail or prison sentence due to criminal identity theft. Website:

Phone: (860) 692-7480

CT Department of Social Services Contact for identity theft situations regarding welfare, food stamps, Medicare and other social services. Website:
CT Department of Consumer Protection Offers information about laws and protection for consumers with regard to businesses. Website:

Phone: (860) 713-6100

CT Department of Motor Vehicles Issues Driver’s Licenses and vehicle registrations. Website:

Phone: (860) 263-5700 (Within Hartford area or outside of Connecticut)

Phone: (800) 842-8222 (Elsewhere in Connecticut)


Identity Theft Laws

While the ITRC does not give legal advice, we have provided a list of known identity theft laws that may help you.
We suggest that you share this information with an attorney or legal representative if you are going to pursue criminal or civil charges.

Law What it Addresses
§53a-129a Defines identity theft.
§53a-130 Law defining criminal impersonation.
§54-1n Reporting identity theft to law enforcement.
§54-93a Correcting Public Record Containing False Information as a result of identity theft.
§42-471 Privacy protection and safeguarding law.
§36a-701a Security freeze law.