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The following state government agencies can provide information about any state-specific
identity theft situation and/or help you with any state-specific fraud.

Agency Reasons to Contact Contact Information
Washington Attorney General State credit/security freeze information

Phone:  (360) 753-6200

Consumer Protection Phone:
(800) 551-4636 (in-state)

WA Secretary of State Contact for issues regarding state taxes, licenses for business and employment. Website:
WA Department of Licensing Issues Driver’s Licenses and vehicle registrations. Website:

Victim of Identity

WA Department of Social and Health Services Agency for welfare, foster care, disability, and social services. Website:


Identity Theft Laws

While the ITRC does not give legal advice, we have provided a list of known identity theft laws that may help you.
We suggest that you share this information with an attorney or legal representative if you are going to pursue criminal or civil charges.

Law What it Addresses



Laws outlining identity theft and personal identifying information (PII), the jurisdiction identity theft can be prosecuted in and the penalties after prosecution.



Defines phishing and how to prosecute. Defines the use of spyware to obtain PII. Use of scanning devices, or spyware.


Illegal use, forging or alteration of a driver’s license.


Laws regarding security breaches and what steps are required by companies and entities in the event of a breach.
§ 9.35.050 Law enforcement is required to take a report of identity theft from consumers.
§19.215 Proper and improper disposal of records and PII. Security Breach Law.


Laws regarding security freezes for credit reports. Consumers can place a security alerts on their credit reports.

Block of information appearing as result of identity theft.

§9.35.040 Victims are entitled to know the transactions that have been made using their information.
§19.16.250(20) Collection agencies cannot continue to try to collect from identity theft victims after they have received notice of the identity theft.