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ITRC Solution 8

  • Contact the three credit reporting agencies (CRAs) to place a fraud alert on your credit report. Please refer to ITRC Solution SN 03 – Contacting CRAs to Place a Fraud Alert.
  • Request your complimentary credit reports for your review.
  • Make a list of bills, correspondence, etc. that you may have not received.
  • Contact the Post Office and report the crime to the Postal Inspector.
  • Contact the Police Department and make an initial crime report.
  • Contact all financial institutions and credit cards companies you do business with to notify them that your information might have been compromised. You will want to password protect those accounts. Do not close accounts unnecessarily.
  • Monitor your credit report and monthly account statements closely. Notify the company during any billing cycle in which fraudulent activity has occurred. If the account is for a debit or credit card, close the account and request a new account number. See ITRC Solution SN 30 – Clearing Financial Account Takeover, for more details.
  • See ITRC Fact Sheet FS 100 – Financial Identity Theft: the Beginning Steps, if you discover a new account has been opened using your personal information.
  • ITRC recommends using a locked mail box or a P.O. Box at the Post Office.


This solution sheet should not be used in lieu of legal advice. Any requests to reproduce this material, other than by individual victims for their own use, should be directed to