Computer users are being warned about pop-up phishing scams.

Who Is It Targeting: Microsoft / Apple Users

What Is It: Microsoft and Apple computer users are receiving fake pop-up windows from scammers posing as either company. The pop-up directs the individual to a phone number to help  fix the computer problem. Victims then call the number and a “Microsoft (or Apple) tech support” answers stating they need remote access to the computer. The victims give access to their information and the scammers take control of the computer. The con artists also demand payment for “fixing” the computer they have just hacked.

What Are They After: Personal Identifiable Information, Credit Card payments

How Can You Avoid It:

  • Never call a number from a pop-up screen, an email, text message or a number provided over the phone from a call that you didn’t initiate. go to the company’s website directly to obtain the correct number and contact them from there.
  • Never give computer access to a stranger.
  • Directly call the company’s tech support number if you need help with your computer or stop by your local electronics specialist retailer for assistance.
  • Report a scam to the Federal Trade Commission online:

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For full details of this scam check out this article from CBS News.