Is it just us or did the holidays roll around a little early this year? With time flying by and holiday shopping approaching quickly, we thought it would be helpful for our audience if we covered the topic of mobile payment safety.  Mobile devices have made our lives so much easier haven’t they?


Gone are the days where you had no choice but to pack into the mall like a sardine and hope that that special gift was still on the shelf.  Now, there are a multitude of ways that you can get those gifts without even leaving your couch.  However, with this convenience comes additional risk to your security.  Identity thieves have also adapted as online financial transactions have become more and more prevalent.  That is why we have asked Lookout  to join us to help you stay safe while taking advantage of the convenience of shopping on those mobile devices.

This month’s #IDTheftChat will take place, as usual, on the first Thursday of the month which means we will be tweeting away on December 5th at 11:00am PST.  We will be talking to you about your concerns, stories and tips in regards to mobile payment safety.  Of course, Lookout and the ITRC will be there to provide you with excellent information. Here are the questions for this month’s event.

Q1: Your phone has become a digital wallet. What steps are you taking to protect your financial information?

Q2: When you use your mobile device for financial transactions are you worried about ID Theft?

Q3: Online shopping has never been easier. What devices do you trust to make purchases with?

Q4: Which mobile payment apps have you used? Do they feel safe?

Q5: What’s your favorite tip for online shopping?

Q6: Have you ever had a shady experience during a financial transaction on your mobile device? What happened?

Q7: How do you tell which links are legitimate when browsing the web on a phone?

Q8: How do you think we can bridge the gap between convenience and security on mobile payments?

This month’s event should help produce great collaborative thought and perhaps even some unique and novel solutions to safe mobile payment methods. In order to participate, users should follow the hashtag #IDTheftChat . Those who would like to participate can RSVP via online invitation.  Everyone is welcome and we hope that we will see consumers, businesses and organizations alike!

Participants may find it helpful to participate through the #IDTheftChat Twub which can be found at  Anyone who has questions should contact ITRC’s Media Manager at We hope you will join the conversation and bring your friends!