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SN 28

ITRC Solution 28Mortgage Identity Theft In general, mortgage identity theft occurs when the individual whose information is being used is NOT party to the financial negotiations or contract. It is a ... read more..


SN 27

ITRC Solution 27Someone Working as You When someone is working using your information, problems will be created with the Social Security Administration (SSA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and possi... read more..


SN 26

ITRC Solution 26College Students and Identity Theft  Nowadays, it’s not enough to send your college freshman to school with a laptop, cell phone, books and clean clothes.  A cross-cut shredder and a ... read more..


SN 25

ITRC Solution 25Detecting Scams  Today, thieves are coming up with more and more devious ways to try and trick you into giving them your personal information. A criminal can open up a new line of cre... read more..


SN 24

ITRC Solution 24Tax Time Tips Tax time, whether it’s in April, June, October or December, often puts important personal identifying information at risk for exposure. Your W-2’s, and other IRS reporti... read more..


SN 23

ITRC Solution 23Emergency Situations and Identity Theft Hurricanes, tornados, fires, earthquakes and man-made disasters are frightening and cause a lot of chaos. Taking the time today to create an ac... read more..


SN 22

ITRC Solution 22 Medicare Cards and Social Security Numbers Many consumers complain that while they remove their Social Security cards from their wallets, the Social Security number is still on their... read more..


SN 21

ITRC Solution 21Check Washing  Check washing is a simple, low-tech way to alter a check you have written. It is the chemical erasing of the handwritten parts of a check. The idea is to remove the ink... read more..


SN 20

ITRC Solution 20Internet Account Takeover -  Email Accounts and Social Networking Sites This fact sheet covers the following information: What do I do?- Email Accounts- Social Networking Site- Twi... read more..


SN 19

ITRC Solution 19File Sharing and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Software Safety One of the great things about the internet is that you can now share files with people all around the globe. Programs like FrostWir... read more..


SN 18

ITRC Solution 18Potential Scam Victim If you received a phone call, filled out a form, or gave out information and think you could be a potential victim of a scam, we recommend you take the following... read more..


SN 17

ITRC Solution 17Lost or Stolen Wallet, Purse or PDA  While a lost or stolen wallet/purse/PDA may simply mean the loss of your cash and credit cards, it may also be the beginning of an identity theft ... read more..


SN 16

ITRC Solution 16 Protecting Deceased’s Identity  The following are some suggested steps you can take to help protect the identity of the deceased: Obtain at least 12 copies of the certified death ... read more..


SN 15

ITRC Solution 15Steps for Breach Victims  It can be unnerving to be told that your information has been compromised in a breach. There are some steps you can take at this time. Remember, just because... read more..


SN 14

ITRC Solution 14Protecting Your Online Identity  The need to protect your identity online has become increasingly important with the growing number of social networking and blogging sites available. ... read more..


SN 13

ITRC Solution 13Protecting Personally Identifying Information on the Internet  Install all recommended software and/or hardware to protect your information. To be protected against cyber criminals,... read more..


SN 12

ITRC Solution 12 Check Fraud These are general steps to be taken, no matter what type of check fraud it is (see ITRC Fact Sheet FS 126 for types of check fraud). With any check fraud, you should r... read more..


SN 11

ITRC Solution 11Social Security Number Change Check List  When you want to change your Social Security Number (SSN) with the Social Security Administration (SSA) you will need to formally request a n... read more..


SN 10

ITRC Solution 10Filing a Police Report Filing an identity theft police report is one of the first steps you should take when you have discovered any indication of identity theft. You will need this r... read more..


SN 09

ITRC Solution 9Refused a New Line of Credit Many people find out they are victims of identity theft when they try to open an account. It often comes as a shock. This is one reason we encourage using ... read more..


SN 08

ITRC Solution 8Stolen Mail  Contact the three credit reporting agencies (CRAs) to place a fraud alert on your credit report. Please refer to ITRC Solution SN 03 – Contacting CRAs to Place a Fraud A... read more..


SN 07

ITRC Solution 7Fraudulent Use of Deceased’s Identity If you are a surviving spouse, or the executor of the estate, you can request a copy of the decedent's credit report. The credit reporting agencie... read more..


SN 06

ITRC Solution 06Clearing Criminal Identity Theft  The following are general steps you must take to clear your name of an erroneous criminal record. These procedures are likely to vary somewhat from j... read more..


SN 05

ITRC Solution 5Ordering a Child’s Credit Report If there are indications that your child’s Social Security Number has been compromised and used for financial gain, you must contact the three Credit R... read more..


SN 04

ITRC Solution 4Clearing Name with a Collection Agency  Follow these steps when clearing your name with a collection agency: If you received a phone call from a collection agency, and did not ask f... read more..


SN 02

ITRC Solution 2Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) Contact Information Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) – The Credit Reporting Agencies (Equifax, Experian, Transunion) are for-profit companies that are ... read more..


SN 01

ITRC Solution 1Clearing a Fraudulent New Account Financial identity theft may be discovered when the victim is notified by a company to verify a submitted application for credit, a bill for debts the... read more..


FS 148

ITRC Fact Sheet 148Fraud Affecting the Non-prime Population This guide includes: The Non-prime Population Applying for and Taking Out a Payday Loan Identity Theft and Payday Loans Payday Loan S... read more..


FS 147

ITRC Fact Sheet 147Risks of Mobile Applications This fact sheet offers recommendations on how to make your experience with mobile applications safe and enj... read more..


FS 146

ITRC Fact Sheet 146Smartphone Privacy and Security This guide covers: Mobile malware Securing your Smartphone Android and iPhone Platforms App permis... read more..

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