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FS 145

ITRC Fact Sheet 145Smartphone Threats The increasing use of smartphones for daily activities is a growing concern when it comes to personal information tha... read more..


FS 144

ITRC Fact Sheet 144Smartphone Safety This guide includes: What is a smartphone? Risks which occur when using a smartphone Best practices to protect yo... read more..


FS 143

IRS / ITRC Fact Sheet 143 How Identity Theft Affects your Taxes The following information has been provided to the ITRC by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Office of Identity Protection. This IRS/I... read more..


FS 142

ITRC Fact Sheet 142 Protecting your computer from WiFi dangers What is WiFi? WiFi is a wireless networking technology that is used around the world. A wireless network uses radio waves, just like ce... read more..


FS 141

ITRC Fact Sheet 141Consumer Shopping Tips  Whether it’s a back to school sale, a once-a-month clearance, or a holiday shopping trip, large shopping crowds and busy malls create prime openings for the... read more..


FS 140

ITRC Fact Sheet 140Social Security Number FAQs You will be asked to provide your social security number in order to obtain many types of services.  The ITRC advises consumers to ask the following que... read more..


FS 139

ITRC Fact Sheet 139Requesting Dependent Adult's Credit Report  If you suspect there is an identity theft case in progress with a senior family member or dependent adult, and you are the designated gu... read more..


FS 138

ITRC Fact Sheet 138Social Networking and Identity Theft This fact sheet covers: Definitions How it happens How to protect yourself What is a Social Networking Site? Social networking sites a... read more..


FS 137

ITRC Fact Sheet 137 Financial Exploitation of the Elderly The injuries suffered by an older person from physical abuse or neglect are tragic, but there is another form of abuse not as publicized cal... read more..


FS 135

ITRC Fact Sheet 135Business Best Practices: For Small to Mid-Range Businesses EVALUATE YOUR RISK LEVEL The following is a guide for the small to mid-size business (SMB) community to assist in planni... read more..


FS 134

ITRC Fact Sheet 134Business on the Move for the Business Traveler The business traveler often carries electronic storage devices and documents for reference or work while on planes, in hotels, and in... read more..


FS 133

ITRC Fact Sheet 133The Military and Identity Theft Checking Accounts  The ITRC suggests that active duty personnel consider using online banking services in order to monitor and track bank account a... read more..


FS 132

ITRC Fact Sheet 132 Identity Theft Products This fact sheet covers: Credit Monitoring Services Identity Monitoring Services Credit Freeze Products Data Sweep Services Identity Theft Insurance ... read more..


FS 131

ITRC Fact Sheet 131Credit Card vs. Debit Card  This fact sheet will cover: The World of Credit vs. Debit What is a credit card? About credit cards What is an ATM card? What is a Debit card? T... read more..


FS 130A

ITRC Fact Sheet 130ACorrecting Misinformation on Medical Records Misinformation on medical records may be caused by human error or identity theft. It can lead to an inaccurate diagnosis of a conditio... read more..


FS 130

ITRC Fact Sheet 130Basic Medical Identity Theft In this guide, you will find the beginning steps to take as a victim of medical identity theft.  This is a general guide for remediating medical identi... read more..


FS 129

ITRC Fact Sheet 129I Received a Breach Notification Letter:  What Do I Do Now?    It can be un... read more..


FS 128

ITRC Fact Sheet How To: Obtain My Credit Report and Find and Fix Errors   Ordering your free credit report:  All US Citizens and residents are entitled to one free credit report from each ... read more..


FS 127

Fact Sheet 127Blog Safety for Teens  Do you know how to stay safe on a blog? Follow Mike and Rachelle as they set up their accounts and interact with others online.  Pick your answers and read your s... read more..


FS 126

ITRC Fact Sheet 126Checking Account Fraud This guide includes: Victim Response Tips Reduce Your Risk Resources Checking account fraud can be the most difficult type of financial identity thef... read more..


FS 125

ITRC Fact Sheet 125Federal Annual Free Credit Report Law (per FACTA) In 2003, Congress approved the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act which allows each individual a free credit report from ea... read more..


FS 122

ITRC Fact Sheet 122Travel Tips For the Business or Vacation Traveler Whether you travel for business or pleasure, a traveler must be on the alert for opportunities that an identity thief may try to t... read more..


FS 121

Fact Sheet 121Identity Theft Prevention Tips for Job Seekers This guide covers: Items that do not belong on a resume Answering ads on the Internet or newspaper Scams Applications Screening Re... read more..


FS 120B

ITRC Fact Sheet 120BChild Identity Theft Indicators:  A Guide for Parents This guide includes: Prevention Recommendations Red Flags Child identity theft occurs when a child’s identity is used ... read more..


FS 120A

ITRC Fact Sheet 120AOrdering a Child’s Credit Report If you suspect there is a child identity theft case in progress, and you are the child’s parent or court-appointed guardian, you may write to the ... read more..


FS 120

ITRC Fact Sheet 120Identity Theft and Children This guide will cover a number of topics: About this crime Moment of discovery Potential impact Record clearance and “Do I need an attorney?” Sho... read more..


FS 119

ITRC Fact Sheet 119Direct Connections to the Internet: Protecting Yourself and Your Information Against Intruders This fact sheet covers: How to Protect Yourself Additional Definitions Today p... read more..


FS 118

ITRC Fact Sheet 118 - PC Perfect Information Safety Quiz This quiz will grade you on how well you minimize the risk of identity theft when using your computer. Please answer yes or no to each questio... read more..


FS 117

ITRC Fact Sheet 117Identity Theft and the Deceased:  Prevention and Victim Tips This guide will address several areas: Steps to take to decrease identity theft risk when a loved one passes away S... read more..


FS 116A

ITRC Fact Sheet 116AYour Debt Collection Rights This section is not intended to be a complete or official summary of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA is enforced on the feder... read more..

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