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2939 Scam Scam Thieves are using the popular services exchange website to defraud job seekers. Who Is It Targeting: Users (Charleston, South Carolina) What Is It: is a website w... read more..


Sharpie Scam

Sharpie Scam Phony Facebook offer for “Free Sharpies.” Who Is It Targeting: Facebook Users What Is It:  Artistically inclined Facebook users are being tempted by a phony Facebook giveaway.  The p... read more..


Five Tips for Secure Mobile Banking

Five Tips for Secure Mobile Banking Mobile banking is an innovative, time-saving concept, but it’s open to pitfalls if users don’t know how to safeguard their information. The idea behind it is to pu... read more..


HummingBad Malware Infects 10M Android Devices

HummingBad Malware Infects 10M Android Devices When we think of hackers and cybercrime, we usually envision computer thugs who want to target our personal information, steal our money electronically,... read more..


Preventing Tax Identity Theft

Preventing Tax Identity Theft One of the fastest growing forms of identity theft crime is tax identity theft, as data from several industry sources show. The FTC noted a dramatic increase in identity... read more..


Marriott Scam

Marriott Scam Phony telemarketers are promising five-star resort stays in exchange for Personally Identifying Information (PII). Who Is It Targeting: Residents of Duluth, Minnesota What Is It:  R... read more..

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