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How Wifi Hotspot Hacks Occur

Imagine these scenarios: You are on vacation and you open your laptop in your hotel room. You log into the public wifi network, and quickly agree to the Terms and Conditions (without reading them of ... read more..


Think Mail Fraud is an Outdated Crime? Think Again

Think Mail Fraud is an Outdated Crime? Think Again While most of the focus on fraud these days is centered on hacking and cyber scamming, it's important to remember that mail fraud still has a very r... read more..


How Much Is Your Identity Worth….on the Black Market?

How Much Is Your Identity Worth….on the Black Market? After any kind of data breach or hacking event, there are a handful of possibilities for what crimina... read more..


Identity Theft and Cyber Crime Blues: California’s New eCrime Unit Gets Tough on Cyber Criminals

Last month, State Attorney General Kamala Harris announced the creation of a new law enforcement unit to address the growing problems associated with identity theft and cybercrime. According to the F.... read more..


Google Chrome vs Firefox: Which is safer?

When it comes to web browsers, you have options. The ultimate goal of any web browser is to provide people with a better Internet experience. Regardless of your preference, ask yourself what makes for... read more..


Trends in Child Identity Theft

Trends in Child Identity Theft There are various types of identity theft, for example, financial, governmental, medical, and criminal. Child identity theft usually involves one or more of these types... read more..


Wilma was Amazing

We found your service and it was the best thing about our experience with identity theft – Wilma was amazing.  She was very intuitive and she was able to help us stay ahead of the trauma, and gave us ... read more..


Social Networking and Identity Theft

What is a Social Networking Site? Social networking websites are a place for internet users to come together, often in groups sharing common interests in hobbies, religion or politics. These websites... read more..


Twitter Takeovers of 2011

2011 turned out to be a very big year for Twitter. The masses seemed to discover that this platform made it (seemingly) possible to contact their favorite celebrities, news outlets and politicians dir... read more..

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