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February 2012

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The Court Experience for Identity Theft Victims

A majority of identity theft cases never make it to court. If they do, you'll want to arrive armed with the knowledge of what your rights are and what tools the law allows you to use to rectify your i... read more..


Direct Connections to the Internet Protecting Yourself and Your Information Against Intruders

In today's world of commerce and travel, we're all used to many public places offering free wifi to consumers. Open wifi connections are convenient. They allow us to leave the office and do work outdo... read more..


How Identity Theft Affects your Taxes

There are several situations in which identity theft can affect the processing of a tax return. Most involve someone misusing someone's Social Security number (SSN), which the IRS uses to make sure th... read more..


Prompt Response

Thank you for your prompt response. Your organization's website and responsiveness to victims of identity theft is truly appreciated. You made such a difference in my student's life today. Thank you a... read more..

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