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Refund Recovery Scams: Beware of the Scammer Double-Dip

Have you ever fallen victim to a scam? Maybe someone emailed you promising you easy money through a new job or because you’ve “won a lottery.” Or maybe someone called you and said you owed money to so... read more..


Protecting your Smartphone Privacy

Protecting your Smartphone Privacy Most of us are aware these days that smart phone information isn’t as safe or as private as we might like.  Revelations about massive smartphone metadata being coll... read more..


Who Would Want My Identity?

Who Would Want My Identity? A common question that we hear from victims calling into our Victim Assistance Call Center is, “Who would ever want to steal MY identity?” They are surprised that anyone w... read more..


Important Changes Regarding Access to the Death Master File for 2014

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, signed into law by President Obama on December 26, 2013 will bring about significant changes to the way the Death Master File (DMF) is accessed by users. Under Se... read more..


Michigan Police Ramp Up ID Theft Awareness Campaign

In the wake of the Target breach which was discovered last month involving the compromising of millions of Americans’ credit and debit card data, some local law enforcement agencies are stepping up th... read more..


Protecting Identity Is Your Responsibility

It's natural to be nervous about your credit when you see more news about breaches at major retailers in the headlines everyday. Now, even some processors for major hotel chains are reporting breaches... read more..


What is PII?

In the wake of the recent Target Data Breach, ITRC call center advisors have noticed much confusion amongst the consumer population as to what constitutes Personally Identifying Information or PII, an... read more..


To Victims of Target Breach: Don’t Let Crooks Double Dutch You

The compromise of millions of consumers’ information now has Target sending out millions of data breach notification letters and emails to victims and potential victims all over the country.  If you’r... read more..


Your Computer Could Be Hacked Using Only Sound, Study Says

Is your computer audio-enabled? That might be enough to get it hacked, according to recent findings from German researchers with the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing, and... read more..

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