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Can They Do That? Terms of Service and Your Privacy

Following the news of the NSA and whistleblower Edward Snowden, companies and individuals alike have begun paying much closer attention to how privacy is regarded on the Internet. With reports of corp... read more..


No Foolin' About IDTheftChat

April 3rd isn’t April Fool’s Day and that’s a good thing because there is nothing foolish about attending this month’s #IDTheftChat.  The 3rd is the 1st Thursday in April and that means another Identi... read more..


Looking for Love Online? Use Caution: Online Dating and Identity Theft

Online dating can be a great way to meet new people you might not interact with in your daily life.  Our busy modern lives often lend themselves to more time effective ways of seeking a romantic partn... read more..


Florida Once Again Tops the Nation in Identity Theft Incidence Rates According to Most Recent FTC Study

Florida is the number one state (followed by Georgia and California) in the nation in terms of identity theft complaints per capita according to a recent FTC study.  In 2013 the FTC recorded 37,720 co... read more..


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center the Latest Victim of Data Breach

The number of UPMC employees that have been affected by a recent data breach at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center now stands at 322, the hospital system said last week.  That appears to be i... read more..


FTC Calling for Privacy Legislation

FTC Commissioner Julie Brill urged Congress to pass new privacy laws while making a speech at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School on February 20, 2014. She specifically lobbied for Congress to pass thre... read more..


Data Breach Notification Bill Introduced in New Mexico

New Mexico may be joining the 46 other states in the nation that have a state data breach notification law dictating when and how entities that suffer data breaches must report the incident. State rep... read more..


Data Breaches Worldwide – A Brief Look at How Other Nations Handle Data Breach Incidents

A recent incident in South Korea gave us all a look at how countries react differently to the theft of consumer information through a breach of a large corporate entity.  In the U.S. and many other we... read more..


Hold Security, LLC Discovers Massive List of Stolen Credentials

On February 25, 2014, Hold Security, LLC announced that it had discovered almost 360 million stolen account credentials including email addresses and passwords and 1.25 billion records solely containi... read more..


"Man in the Email" Fraud

The FBI Seattle Division is aware of a fraud victimizing Washington state-based businesses, nicknamed “man-in-the-e-mail” scheme for being an e-mail variation of a known “man-in-the-middle” scam.  ... read more..


Data Storage and Tracking Can Be Expensive: Recent High Profile Breaches Result in Legal Action

As regular readers of the ITRC blog already know, data breaches can occur in a variety of ways.  Either by hacking, employee error or negligence, or some form of physical theft, access to customer inf... read more..


IRS Releases Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) releases an annual list of the top 12 tax scams, aptly named the “Dirty Dozen.” Not surprisingly, tax identity theft topped the list. This doesn’t mean that the IRS ... read more..

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