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Tablet Owners Beware: Guard Your Information

Tablet use in the US is on the rise, so much so that a full 85% of traffic from some websites takes place on a tablet or smartphone (which is basically a mini tablet). Tablets, like the iPad, Kindle F... read more..


Rejection Hurts, Especially When Your Identity Is At Stake

It would be wrong to suggest that having your identity stolen is an inevitable fact. For some people, it’s never an issue. But it would also be wrong to imply that anyone is immune from it. Thieves an... read more..


Oregon Safeguards Tax Identities with Online Fraud Reporting

Identity theft is a growing problem, and some law enforcement officials have declared that there is no end in sight for these thieves. It has basically become too easy to do, too easy to get away with... read more..


Collections Agencies and Your Identity

With the availability of technology to help thieves along, identity theft is often a quiet occurrence. Many victims don’t even know they’ve been affected until a credit card provider or a collections ... read more..


So, What Is A Credit Report Anyway?

You keep hearing it over and over: check your credit report. But what is a credit report, and what does it mean? Basically, it’s just like report cards you received in school, with some obvious dif... read more..


Florida Arrests ID Thieves in Connection with $36M Tax Fraud

As one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, identity theft is an ongoing, easily overlooked problem. All too often, victims don’t know they’ve been targeted until it’s too later because they ... read more..


ITRC Launches AnyOne3 Campaign

ITRC is proud to announce the launch of its AnyOne3 nationwide fundraising campaign. Due to a recent increase in consumer demand for ITRC services, the ITRC is requesting support from the public so th... read more..


Child Identity Theft: The Steps You Can Take

One of the most unfortunate types of identity theft is cases that involve children. Think of it this way: there’s a person—or several people—living in your household who has an identity, a birthdate, ... read more..


Potential Consequences of a Twitter Hack

Social media platforms are all the rage. Everyone from corporate entities, major league sports teams, political parties, even your third grade teacher may have accounts of some form now. They’re a use... read more..


Internet Scams: It’s Not Just Deposed Nigerian Princes Anymore

Internet scams have become so commonplace in society that they’ve actually become a joke, a meme all their own. Popular television shows, movies, and even children’s programming have had light-hearted... read more..


Anyone, Anyone, Anyone

Here at the Identity Theft Resource Center we are really excited about the launch of our first ever national fundraising campaign. We are calling the campaign Anyone3 because anyone can become a victi... read more..


What You Need to Know about HeartBleed and Your Online Security

Every once in a while, news comes out about a scary new internet virus or a widespread hacking that attacks a lot of important, high profile computers. It makes us all take a little closer look at our... read more..


Grandparent Scam

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) continues to receive reports of telephone scams involving calls that claim their “relative” is in a legal or financial crisis.  These complaints are someti... read more..


Elder Care: Don’t Steal Mom’s Identity!

It’s funny, but most people who look online for identity theft information are probably not trying to learn how to steal personal or financial information. The typical consumers are looking for ways t... read more..


Criminal Identity Theft: It’s Not Just Your Credit Cards Anymore

Most of us know what to do or how to prevent—as much as we can—our identities from being stolen. We know to shred personal documents, safeguard information like our credit cards and Social Security nu... read more..


Check Fraud: The Theft That Started It All

Check Fraud: The Theft That Started It All Before the Internet and options like online banking and bill pay—I know, it’s hard to remember that far back, isn’t it?—would-be identity thieves had to wor... read more..


Your Medical Identity Is As Valuable As Your Financial Identity

By now, most consumers have at least heard of the dangers of identity theft. People may have even heard of the steps that are involved in trying to recover your good credit and your good name. But man... read more..


Don’t Let Military Deployment Destroy Your Credit

Being deployed during active duty can be stressful on servicemen and women, regardless of the location of the assignment. While being assigned stateside does still allow for a more familiar experience... read more..


Scholarship Scams: Don’t Be a Financial Aid Victim

Parents and students alike spend many a sleepless night worrying about how they’re going to pay for college. And with widely spread rumor that millions of dollars each year in legitimate financial aid... read more..


Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

There are a number of ways that people find themselves the unsuspecting victims of identity theft. Sometimes it’s through lost personal data—such as the loss or theft of a purse or wallet—or through m... read more..

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