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May 2010

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Excellent website

Thank you.  You have an excellent website and this article in particular is very insightful. When my husband was the victim of ID theft, he went through every emotion Dr. Nelson described. I was too m... read more..


Professional and helpful assistance

Thank you for your professional and helpful assistance in response to my inquiry re: two fraudulent charges on my credit card. I have contacted both companies on which the pending charges were made.  ... read more..


Honest advice

Your insight has really given me some comfort in knowing there are actually people out there who can take pride in giving honest advice with no strings attached. I am so grateful and appreciate all th... read more..


Thank you once again

Thank you once again for all your help and your quick reply.  Have a wonderful day! LE, 5/5/2010... read more..


Detailed Information

Thanks very much for the detailed information and follow-up. I spent most of the afternoon filing reports and will continue this morning with the other suggestions you have listed below. In this world... read more..


Thank you for your kindness

I am now taking care of this and feeling a lot better.  Thank you for your kindness.  Sorry I got a bit upset.  Thank you for all your help too! P, 5/3/2010... read more..

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