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You’re invading my privacy!

This is something you used to be able to tell your nosy mom or an email-snooping significant other.  Oh, how times have changed! Now, unless you have Mark Zuckerberg’s personal cell in your contact li... read more..


Is Your Smartphone Giving Info to an Identity Thief?

Is Your Smartphone Giving Info to an Identity Thief? Just as cell phones were one of the greatest boons to busy people everywhere, the cell phone’s shinier cousin—the smartphone—has literally changed... read more..


Consumer How-To: Salvaging A Ransomed Device

When most citizens think of identity theft, the usual processes might come to mind. A thief nabs a Social Security number or bank account number and makes off with a good deal of money. But as consume... read more..


Nationwide Tax Fraud Detected

Five individuals from three different states have been charged with committing more than two thousand individual acts of identity theft, securing $10 million in tax refunds before they were caught. In... read more..


You Can Help Prevent Identity Theft and Keep Support Resources Free

When news of identity theft first started making headlines only a few decades ago, the general public was right to be alarmed. It wasn’t just that the thieves were more sophisticated than the financia... read more..


What You Need to Know about Facebook’s New Tracking Option

What You Need to Know about Facebook’s New Tracking Option Social media has undoubtedly changed the way we think about privacy. With the ability to share personal data and updates with thousands of p... read more..


Proud Mom, or Victim Waiting Happen?

It’s funny how social media once seemed so frightening to many people. Post my private business online? Never! But with the widespread adoption of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and eve... read more..


Facial Recognition Technology: Do You Need a Disguise at the Mall?

It used to be the stuff of movies. The good guys (or the bad guys, considering who might have a need for the technology) would watch on monitors from a cramped office while computers scanned images of... read more..


Facebook Survey Whitepaper

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) recently conducted a brief Facebook Social Media Survey to measure interaction trends between internet users and Facebook. The ITRC conducted this survey in o... read more..


Verizon Analyzes the Most Basic Threats to Identity Security

As one of the leaders in the cyberinformation industry, Verizon goes to great lengths to understand how data breaches happen. In its most recent Data Breach Investigations Report (2014), the expert... read more..


Amazon Smile Lets You Shop While Helping the Identity Theft Resource Center

As part of its globally-minded mission and an effort to let consumers feel good about their online purchases, Amazon announced a charitable giving program called Amazon Smile, named after the iconic, ... read more..


The IRS - Identity Theft and Your Taxes

The process of recovery from an incident involving identity theft can feel like it takes a long time, but in reality, banks, creditors, and financial institutions are more accustomed to handling these... read more..


Is My Credit Card Safe ANYWHERE?

Is My Credit Card Safe ANYWHERE? Most tech-savvy consumers are aware of the dangers of sharing personal information online. By now, the horror stories of stolen identities have circulated far enough ... read more..


SN 35

ITRC Solution 35Identity Theft Protection Tips Identity theft is a crime in which an impostor obtains key pieces of personal identifying information (PII) such as Social Security numbers and driver's... read more..


Don’t Fall for Travel Scams

As consumers have become more savvy and caught on to the wide variety of scam emails, thieves have had to adapt and become a lot more crafty. There’s a brand-new type of money scam making its way thro... read more..


Got A Job? What To Do If Someone Works Under Your Name

Got A Job? What To Do If Someone Works Under Your Name It might not seem like a big deal to some, but there’s actually a very serious problem with people working under a false identity. While it migh... read more..


Scams Targeting Universities

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is aware of multiple scams targeting universities, university employees, and students across the nation.  The scams range from Internet fraud to intrusions... read more..


The Emotional Consequences of Parent Identity Theft

Having your identity stolen is an upsetting, even exhausting situation. Many victims have suffered sleepless nights from worrying about who had their information, how they had gotten it, and what else... read more..


Protecting Your Identity in a Facebook World

Protecting Your Identity in a Facebook World Social media sites have redefined the way a lot of people use the internet. Where it used to be suspicious for people to know information about you, it’s ... read more..


Phishing Attacks On Telecommunication Customers

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is reporting phishing attacks targeting various telecommunication companies’ customers continue.  Individuals receive automated telephone calls that claim ... read more..

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