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June 2012

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The Dangers of Airport Public Wifi

Many professionals view air-travel days as an opportunity to get some extra work done, pay bills online, or distract themselves during their commute by surfing the internet. The convenience and ease o... read more..


What Are Security Patches and Why Are They Important?

What Are Security Patches and Why Are They Important? You may have heard the tech term “patches” thrown around the office or mentioned in news segments, bu... read more..


Databreach Laws

As an organization specializing in monitoring and tracking data breaches, the ITRC has come across varying degrees of breaches and reasons for notification due to the varying types of compromised info... read more..


Facebook allowing users to vote on privacy policies

Facebook - the social network giant has posed the opportunity for its users to vote on changes to their privacy policies. The focus wraps around how the network uses ‘user' information through data co... read more..


What Are FBI Related Scams?

What Are FBI Related Scams? Sadly, the thieves of today will go to any lengths imaginable in order to steal your identity. Over the past few years, a disturbing trend in scams has been for thieves to... read more..

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