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FS 124

ITRC Info Sheet Comparing Fraud Alerts and a Credit Freeze   Fraud alerts and credit freezes with the three primary Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs)* can help minimize fraudulent attempts to use y... read more..


FS 100

ITRC Fact Sheet 100Financial Identity Theft: The Beginning Steps This guide includes: What you need to know before you start Assessing the Damage and Beginning Steps Continuing the Recovery Proc... read more..


SN 03

ITRC How To: Place a Fraud Alert When placing a fraud alert on your credit reports it is important to know that there are two types: a 90-day fraud alert and a 7-year fraud alert. A 90-day fraud aler... read more..


FS 123

ITRC Fact Sheet 123Scam Assistance This guide covers: Tips for Dealing with Authorities and Financial Institutions Steps to Do Immediately Resources Some of the ways that scam artists are tri... read more..


LF 139

ITRC Letter Form 139Requesting Dependant Adult's Credit Report ITRC Letter Form 139 is a sample letter to request a senior family member or dependant adult's credit report from the three credit repor... read more..


LF 133

ITRC Letter Form 133Request an Active Duty Alert ITRC Letter Form 133 is a sample letter to request an Active Duty Alert for your credit reports. With all letters you must send proof of your identit... read more..


LF 130A

ITRC Letter Form 130ARequest to Receive and/or Correct Medical Records ITRC Letter Form 130A - Request for Medical Records, is for use by victims of medical identity theft.  This sample letter uses l... read more..


LF 126

ITRC Letter Form 126Initial Statement of Checking Account Fraud   Please fill out and send ITRC Letter Form 126 to the merchants or check verification companies who may have accepted fraudulent chec... read more..


LF 124C

ITRC Letter Form 124C Request a 90-Day Fraud Alert ITRC Letter Form 124C is a sample letter to request a 90-day fraud alert for your credit reports.  This form may be necessary if you have been unabl... read more..


LF 124B

ITRC Letter Form 124BRequest a 7-Year Fraud Alert ITRC Letter Form 124B is a sample letter to request a 7-year fraud alert for your credit reports. Click to download the form: LF 124B Form With al... read more..


LF 124A

ITRC Letter Form 124ARequest a Credit Freeze ITRC Letter Form 124A is a sample letter to request a credit freeze from the three credit reporting agencies (if your state has a credit freeze program). ... read more..


LF 120

ITRC Letter Form 120Requesting a Child’s Credit Report ITRC Letter Form 120 is a sample letter to request a child’s credit report from the three credit reporting agencies (CRAs). Please read ITRC Fac... read more..


LF 117-2

ITRC Letter Form 117–2 Deceased Affidavit of Fact ITRC Letter Form 117-2 is an Affidavit of Fact to be sent to the CRA's, creditors and/or merchants if identity theft has occurred. NOTE: Only the su... read more..


LF 117-1

ITRC Letter Form 117-1Request a Credit Report for the Deceased ITRC Letter Form 117-1 is to be sent to the three Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) to request the information on somebody who is decease... read more..


LF 116

ITRC Letter Form 116Claim of Fraudulent Account:To a Collection Agency and/or Merchant ITRC Letter Form 116 is a form letter to be sent to collection agencies (or lawyers acting as collection agencie... read more..


LF 100-4

ITRC Letter Form 100-4Victim of Identity Theft and Account Information Request to Credit Issuers: Financial Account Takeover Send ITRC Letter Form 100-4 to any credit issuer that has allowed fraudule... read more..


LF 100-3

ITRC Letter Form 100-3Request for Credit Line Blocking By law, the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) must block fraudulently opened accounts, called a "trade line" or "credit line", from appearing on ... read more..


LF 100-2

ITRC Letter Form 100-2Confirmation of Conversation / Letter of Clearance Please fill out and send completed ITRC Letter Form 100-2 to any credit issuer and/or merchant who has not responded to the in... read more..


LF 029

ITRC Letter Form 29Death Reported in Error Many people find out that they are victims of identity theft when they try to open a new line of credit.  This can be a shock.  This sense of shock can be e... read more..





SN 34

IRS / ITRC Solution 34 Top 13 Things Every Taxpayer Should Know about Identity Theft The following information has been provided to the ITRC by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Office of Identity P... read more..


SN 33

ITRC Solution 33Protecting Home Wireless Networks Wireless networks have attained a de facto presence in home and small business environments during the past few years. The ever increasing ability (d... read more..


SN 32

ITRC Solution 32Strong Passwords To keep your accounts safe, ITRC recommends adhering to the following steps when creating a password: It should contain at least eight characters. It should conta... read more..


SN 31

ITRC Solution 31Ordering Specialty Consumer Reports You have the right to see a consumer report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Under the FCRA, a “consumer report” may include information other... read more..


SN 30

ITRC Solution 30Clearing Financial Account Takeover If you discover fraudulent account activity on a billing statement or by a collection notice for purchases and/or services you did not receive, it ... read more..


SN 29

ITRC Solution 29 Death Reported in Error Many people find out that they are victims of identity theft when they try to open a new line of credit. This can be a shock. This sense of shock can be even ... read more..

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