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Planning for a Security Breach

It’s kind of melodramatic to say that identity theft isn’t a matter of if, but when, but watching news reports and talking to friends and family members who’ve fallen victim to a personal data breach ... read more..


The Growing Trend of Smartphone Theft

When smartphones were first introduced, they were an expensive, hot commodity. The price for some models and their newest product launches is still prohibitively expensive for a number of consumers. B... read more..


Protecting Your Data While Traveling

Industry experts have done numerous studies and conducted exhaustive research into what factors contribute to the rising rates of identity theft. This information has actually led to the understanding... read more..


AT&T Notifies Customers of a Security Breach

Cellular and digital service provider AT&T has had to inform an undisclosed number of customers of a security breach in which three contracted workers accessed personally identifiable information.... read more..


Your Personal Information and Your Healthcare

There’s a massive political debate raging in the US right now over healthcare, and it’s not just about health insurance and recent initiatives to provide coverage. Another large debate involves how mu... read more..


How You Can Shred It…And Feel Good About It

At the risk of sounding like the victim is to blame in cases of identity theft, all too often consumers unwittingly make it easier than it should be for an expert thief to do serious, long-term damage... read more..


Comcast’s Efforts to Let Anyone Use Your Home Wifi

Recent news reports about a public initiative from Comcast have more than a few customers scratching their heads, and critics raising a cry of alarm. Last year, the cable television, phone, and intern... read more..


The New Crime of Hacker Blackmail

It used to be enough to hack into a corporation’s servers, access personal data on hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of the company’s customers, and use that data to steal identities. But that’s ... read more..


Obamacare Security Breach a Possible Inside Job

Citizens in the state of Connecticut had reason for alarm recently when news broke of a security breach of the state’s Affordable Care Act agency. While not the same as the federal webs... read more..


How Your Device Tracks Your Movements, and What You Can Do About It

How Your Device Tracks Your Movements, and What You Can Do About It An exciting new update to the iOS operating system—that’s the one that powers Apple’s portable devices, like iPhones, iPads, and ce... read more..


Biometric technology goes beyond cards, pin numbers and passcodes to protect against ID theft.

Imagine a future of making purchases without a debit or credit card and using only what nature gave you to complete all of your banking, communication, shopping and travel needs. Well, the future is n... read more..


How Much Damage Is Too Much?

Music subscription site Spotify made a surprising announcement recently when the company announced that a hacker had broken through their security protocols and gained access to private information th... read more..


Ohio Calls for Tougher Penalties for Military ID Theft

It’s a pretty helpless feeling to be stationed far from home as an active duty member of the military, often in dangerous locations, and know that someone is running wild with your financial and perso... read more..


ID-theft criminals love the trail we leave on social media

ID-theft criminals love the trail we leave on social media Most of us are guilty of telling the world personal information, such as our date of birth, or when and where we are traveling by posting va... read more..


California Proposes Mandatory Kill Switches on Smartphones

A heated debate has been underway in the California state legislature over your telephone. Whether you knew it or not, government leaders and consumer protection groups have been battling it out over ... read more..


Military and Identity Theft

MILITARY ITRC has long recognized the vulnerability of members of the military to various types... read more..


Large Scale Corporate Security Breaches Make an Impact on Consumers

By now, news of a major corporation like a retail chain or internet-based platform being hacked is hardly news. Companies like Target have been attacked in recent months, and the end result was that m... read more..


ITRC and IDentity Theft 911 Partner to Produce Research Reports, Track Breaches

ITRC and ID&911 Partner to Produce Research Reports, Track Breaches The Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC) today announced a partnership with IDT911™ (IDentity Theft 911®) for their corporate... read more..


Advertisements on Your Home Appliances: Google’s Plan for Product Placement

Internet search engine and online powerhouse Google has come under fire in the past for consumers’ concerns about privacy. With the launch of wearable technology Google Glass, a number of new stories ... read more..

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