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Top Scams of the Week June 29, 2015

Each week, the Identity Theft Resource Center works with some of the top industry experts to provide consumers with updates about threats to their personal data. Scam Detector leads the way by publish... read more..


College Loan Calls from Police

A scam has slowly made its way around the country and is hitting new areas now targeting college students. Scam: Fake Police Loan Calls Who Is It Targeting: College Students What Is It: College s... read more..


Discount Online Travel Sites

Travelers beware! There is a new scam making the rounds! Scam: Discount Online Travel Sites Who Is It Targeting: People Booking Hotels in Florida What Is It: People looking for hotel rooms in the... read more..


Consumers Fall Short on Using Strong Passwords

When was the last time you made it easy for a burglar to break into your house or your vehicle? Never? Good. Then why do consumers make it so easy for ID-theft criminals to break into their persona... read more..



Second OPM Breach Puts Millions More Americans’ Info in Jeopardy

When news came out that the Office of Personnel Management—the agency within the federal government that serves as the HR department over government employees—had been hacked and 4.2 million citizens ... read more..


ITRC Board of Directors

ITRC Board of Directors Biographies   Matt Cullina, Board Chair, is the Chief Executive Officer of CyberScout. He has more than 15 years of experience in insurance industry management, c... read more..


Key Staff

The ITRC ID Theft Help App
[pb_colum... read more..


IRS Takes Swift Action Following a Major Data Breach

$5.8 billion… that’s how much the IRS believes it paid out in fraudulent refunds to identity thieves in 2013. Five-point-eight billion dollars. In one year. That figure has plagued the revenue service read more..


Medical ID theft costs victims big money

Roughly 2.3 million Americans adults, averaging 6,300 every single day, were medical ID-theft victims in 2014. If that threat doesn't make you sick, medical ID theft is up a staggering 21.7 percent... read more..


FBI consultant worries about small-business cyberattacks

John Iannarelli, a FBI consultant, is more worried than ever about imminent cyberattacks on small businesses. Mark Pribish talks with Iannarelli about the cyberthreats that Americans face.   What ... read more..


The Newest Marketing Tool Businesses Can Use? Privacy

The Newest Marketing Tool Businesses Can Use? Privacy In the battle to win over new customers and keep the loyalty of old ones, marketing teams across every industry have tried all kinds of incentive... read more..


Keeping Your Identity Safe near the Water

What do your identity and summer have to do with each other? Everything! Summer is the typical time to go to the beach, the lake, the pool or waterpark, or any other place where large numbers of pe... read more..


Gift Card Scam

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued a scam alert for a scam involving gift cards. While it is very popular to purchase, spend, and give others gift cards, the FBI would like to war... read more..


In the Aftermath of the IRS Hack Scammers Are Coming For Your Info

Another week, another breach.  That is how it seems these days.  However, even once a breach has left the headlines, consumers need to keep their guard up because scammers and identity thieves don't j... read more..


eCellar Breach Notification Response

It can be unnerving to be told that your information has been compromised in a breach. There are some steps you should take upon receiving a breach notification letter.  Your response to a breach will... read more..


Heartland’s Second Data Breach May Have Even Bigger Consequences

Back in 2008, Heartland Payment Systems, a credit card payment processing center, suffered a data breach that exposed an estimated 130 million credit and debit card accounts to hackers. While this eve... read more..


Keeping Your Kids Safe from Identity Theft

Child identity theft is growing at an alarming rate, and it often goes unnoticed for years at a time. It occurs when an individual uses the personal identifiable information of a minor—obviously witho... read more..


Top Scams of the Week June 5, 2015

Each week, the Identity Theft Resource Center works with some of the top industry experts to provide consumers with updates about threats to their personal data. Scam Detector leads the way by pub... read more..


May 2015 ITRC Call Center Statistics

Each month, The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) analyzes the volume of calls received via 24-hour toll-free call center.  The objective behind this analysis is to learn more about what specif... read more..


New Virus Targets Your Computer, Basically Destroys It

Computer viruses are nothing new, and have long been a major source of irritation and damage to computer systems in both the public and private sectors. Viruses have target goals ranging from infil... read more..

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