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Recent Victim

I am a recent victim of identity theft and check fraud.  I called  ITRC, and had the great fortune of receiving Wilma's superior advice. She is an expert on the subject of check fraud, and helped me g... read more..


Generational Views On Privacy, Facebook, and Geo-Tagging: Who Owns Our Personal Information?

An article from Private WiFi's CEO, Kent Lawson, raised interesting points about online privacy attitudes among younger people. The article presented some interesting thoughts from Ella Hickson, a yo... read more..


My Pinterest Got Hacked

I am one angry lady right now. My name is Nikki and I am the Social Media Coordinator here at the Identity Theft Resource Center. Something just happened to me that I had read about, but like everyone... read more..


Breaches - Knowing less and less

San Diego, CA (July 11, 2012):  The Identity Theft Resource Center® recorded 213 breaches for the first six months of 2012, with an astonishing 63.4% of them having no reported attributes.  This repre... read more..


Arizona Identity Theft Coalition

Identity theft is problematic across the nation, being ranked fourth in the country for reports of identity theft means that Arizona is no stranger to this crime. The Office of the Arizona Attorney Ge... read more..


2012 Data Breaches

Data Breaches 2012 As of December 31, the ITRC has reported 471 breaches for 2012. ITRC has been tracking and compiling statistics on data breaches since 2005 - view the multi-year report... read more..


Staying Safe with Smartphone Apps

Staying Safe with Smartphone Apps The introduction of the smartphone into the technology platform revolutionized the use of the cellphone. Suddenly, activities and actions that required a stationary ... read more..

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