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Teacher Enrichment Materials and Vocabulary

TEACHER ENRICHMENT MATERIALS Vocabulary words to know: ·   Blog – A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts ·  Collection Agencies – businesses or attorneys whose job is to collect... read more..


About Our Sponsors

About Our Sponsors ITRC is largely funded by the corporate sponsors and foundations mentioned on this website.  It takes active and involved businesses – which support our mission to combat identity ... read more..


Health Insurance Exchanges

Health Insurance Exchanges - Beware of imposter websites, phishing, and smishing scams!   A Message from the CEO of the ITRCEva Velasquez The ITRC wants to assist consumers and small business in avo... read more..


Teen FAQ

Teen Space FAQ's To all interested students, teachers and parents:Hello and thank you for contacting the ITRC. Identity theft is an area to be concerned with, not just for adults but also for teens read more..


Sponsor policy

Identity Theft Resource Center SPONSORSHIP POLICY Definition A sponsorship is a mutually beneficial exchange whereby the sponsor receives value in return for financial support or goods or services-... read more..


FS 301

ITRC Fact Sheet 301Enhancing Law Enforcement and Identity Theft Victim Communications:  A Tool for Law Enforcement Officers Working with Identity Theft Cases This ITRC Fact Sheet includes: Facts A... read more..


2013 Data Breaches

ITRC 2013 Breach List Tops 600 in 2013 UPDATED - 2/5/2015 NOTE:  The difference between 619 and 614 was due to a number of reasons: inconsistency in naming conventions used by media and breached ent... read more..

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