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Wall Street Journal Takes Swift Action Following Hacking Event

The Wall Street Journal is the most recent in a long line of corporations that have fallen victim to intentional hacking events, but what sets the WSJ apart from some of the other victims is its quick... read more..


#IDTheftChat: Identity Theft and the Military

Reports of identity theft among members of the military and their families are on the rise, and it’s a sad testament to just how low thieves are willing to stoop. Our nation’s armed forces are filled ... read more..


When News Headlines Become Fraud

By now, many users of even the most basic functions of the internet are aware of the potential dangers that can be lurking behind a computer screen. Even those individuals who use their computers for ... read more..


Cybersecurity Degrees Open Up in Higher Education

Cybercrime has become such a major global issue that many universities are now offering full degrees in the field. Covering everything from corporate security to military cyberwarfare, it’s an area of... read more..


What Students Need to Know about Cybersecurity

With the constant news reports about hacking or data breaches, it can feel like cybersecurity is a wasted effort, but it’s not. While cyberthieves are getting very crafty about their practices and the... read more..


Physical Credit Card Theft Still a Concern

With all of the attention that online identity theft, cyber crime, and corporate hacking have received lately, it’s easy to forget that one of the easiest ways to steal a lot of money from you is with... read more..


Norway Abandons Internet Voting Due to Fears of Identity Theft

Politicians have joked for some time that the best way to get more voters to come to the polls is to put the elections up on Facebook, or let citizens simply swipe an app on their smartphones. While i... read more..


The IRS Tax Scams Just Keep Coming

A recent widespread phone scam has begun to make the rounds in which callers hounded US citizens and claimed to be agents of the IRS. These phone calls would explain that the individual had failed to ... read more..


Credit monitoring just one component of ID-theft protection

Data breaches at Target, eBay, AT&T and most recently PF Chang's – along with the fear of identity theft — have dramatically increased demand for credit monitoring. If your business experienced... read more..


Your Car: A Four-Wheeled Identity

In 2013, there were nearly 700,000 car thefts in the United States, but a lot more goes missing than just a vehicle in those cases. Besides the typical losses suffered from items that happened to be i... read more..


ID Theft Leads to Multiple Arrests of an Innocent Man

When identity thieves strike, most people worry about the headache involved in clearing their names, securing their finances, and making sure their credit scores remain unharmed. For most victims, the... read more..


Thieves Have a New Tool for Grabbing Your Passwords

There’s already been a public backlash against the latest wearable computing technology. This futuristic-looking device, the most famous of which is called Google Glass, resembles something right out ... read more..


5 Ways a Business Should Prepare for an ID-Theft Breach

Smaller businesses are at risk of ID-theft, but only a small percentage of them have policies and procedures in place to protect against online intrusions. Here are some tips to be prepared. If a d... read more..


Phishing Scams and How to Spot Them

It’s a pretty safe bet that about ten seconds after the first email was ever sent, someone figured out how to send spam emails. While spam emails can be everything from annoying offers to buy a new ca... read more..


What Can a Thief Do with Your Driver’s License?

What Can a Thief Do with Your Driver’s License? With so much media attention focused on computer hacking, cybersecurity, and digital identity theft, it’s easy to forget those good old-fashioned thiev... read more..


Missing Laptop Leads to Breach of More Than 3,000 Children’s Identities

Once again, news has circulated of a missing laptop that may lead to the access of personally identifiable information for several thousand students in Massachusetts and Vermont. Unlike the recent Ste... read more..


Senior Adults Still a Top Target for Identity Thieves

There’s a really funny series of commercials out right now for a popular car insurance company, featuring a sweet older lady who just doesn’t understand how her computer works. She gives a number of c... read more..


An Audit of the IRS Exposes Tax Fraud

Believe it or not, even the IRS gets audited. Unfortunately, the consequences for making a few bookkeeping errors aren’t as severe as they are for average citizens who get called on the carpet for the... read more..


Sterne Agee’s Data Breach: The Old-Fashioned Way

Some customers of the financial planning and investment company Sterne, Agee, & Leach received an ominous letter in the mail this week. Apparently, sometime between May 29th and May 30th of this y... read more..

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