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Conviction of ID Thief Who Started Fraudulent Charities

In cases of fraud, scams, or identity theft, all too often the criminals responsible exhibit behaviors that are the lowest of the low, and a recent case tried in Alaska involving a scammer from Michig... read more..


Live Chat

Click on the Chat Now box below to begin speaking with an Identity Theft Information Specialist.  ... read more..


Car Wrapping Income

Scammers are targeting job seekers in South Bend with offers of paid mobile advertising position. Scam: Car Wrapping Who Is It Targeting: Job Seekers South Bend Indiana What Is It: Residents of S... read more..


Windows Tech Support

The Office of Consumer Protection in West Virginia has issued an alert to consumers warning them of a scam involving phone calls from “tech support”.  Scam: Windows Tech Support Who Is It Targetin... read more..


UCLA Health System Latest Victim of Medical Data Breaches

Data breaches and identity theft are becoming so prevalent that some industry experts have said they’re inevitable, and that identity theft is basically unavoidable. The good news is there are steps c... read more..


Grand Theater Shooting

Fake charities are popping up requesting “donations” for victims of the tragedy in Lafayette. Scam: Grand Theater Shooting Who Is It Targeting: Anyone What Is It: The Louisiana Attorney General h... read more..


Top Scams of the Week for July 27th 2015

Each week, the Identity Theft Resource Center works with some of the top industry experts to provide consumers with updates about threats to their personal data. Scam Detector leads the way by publ... read more..


Arizona Using Facial Recognition Software to Prevent Fake IDs

In the world of identity theft, every layer of protection that consumers can employ to block a criminal’s tactics can help. Now, the state of Arizona is addressing those layers by incorporating facial... read more..


‘Chip and Pin’ Credit Cards are Vulnerable Too

Have you received your new or reissued credit card with a chip that stores your credit-card data? The cards have a square, gold or silver metallic-like image. If we believe recent news reports, the... read more..


Nigeria Rolls Out Widespread Biometric Identification to Fight Corruption

Nigeria has long had a rather unsavory reputation when it comes to scams, identity theft, and other related crimes, but new initiatives by the country’s government and central bank are working to reso... read more..


Beware of Social Media Extortion

When internet users think of social media, they’re probably envisioning the major names like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The reality is there’s a host of connection platforms out there, each with... read more..


CVS Photo Breach Points to Third-Party Vendor

News came out last week that CVS, the country’s second largest pharmacy chain, may have suffered a data breach of its photo uploading and printing website. CVS Photo has had a message on its site s... read more..


ITRC Monthly Twitter Chat: Back to School Security Tips for Parents and Students

Throughout the year, the Identity Theft Resource Center hosts informative Twitter chats on ways the public can protect itself from fraud and scams. Be sure to join us for our August Twitter chat on Th... read more..


Military Consumer Protection Day Spreads the Word to Our Troops

The identity security and consumer protection industries celebrated an important event last week: Military Consumer Protection Day. This event was created with the goal of helping our servicemen and w... read more..


Top Scams of the Week for July 20th 2015

Each week, the Identity Theft Resource Center works with some of the top industry experts to provide consumers with updates about threats to their personal data. Scam Detector leads the way by publish... read more..


National Guard Data Breach Puts Former and Current Members At Risk

For some time, the government has been working through the aftermath of the Office of Personnel Management hacking event that compromised the highly detailed, sensitive information of as many as 22 mi... read more..


Nanny Scam

Job seekers are being scammed while seeking employment as nannies. Scam: Nanny Scam Who Is It Targeting: Jobseekers What Is It: Young individuals are reporting being targeted by scammers who are ... read more..


Lawsuit Threats

Residents of Maryland are being threatened with lawsuits and arrest via email and phone. Scam: False Lawsuits Who Is It Targeting: Residents in Maryland What Is It: Individuals in Maryland are re... read more..


Corporation Sole Tax Scam Still Duping Citizens

You’ve probably seen splashy ads on social media that shout messages like, “Never pay taxes again! Keep your money!” These ads are far from the truth, though, and they’re meant to trick you out of you... read more..


Phone Scams Are on the Rise

There’s a new phone scam tactic out there and it’s increasing at a rate that has security experts, law enforcement, and even the banking and financial sectors alarmed. It’s called spoofing, and the co... read more..


Universities May Be the Next Key Target for Cybercrime

By now, it’s household knowledge that some companies that went on to fame and greatness were founded by the so-called “geeky” kids during their early years. The founding of Apple computers in a garage... read more..


Selfie Security: Your Face Could Soon Become Your PIN

Selfie Security: Your Face Could Soon Become Your PIN While most of the general public likes to poke fun at the current selfie craze—otherwise known as the rampant need to take a photograph of yourse... read more..


Businesses Need to Focus on the Cyberenemy Within

"Small businesses are in denial about how vulnerable they can be to employees and vendors stealing proprietary company secrets and sensitive customer information," said John Iannarelli, FBI cyberconsu read more..


Top Scams of the Week for July 10, 2015

Each week, the Identity Theft Resource Center works with some of the top industry experts to provide consumers with updates about threats to their personal data. Scam Detector leads the way by publ... read more..


Power Shut Off Scam

A scam is being reported which threatens consumers with a power shut off. Scam: Power Shut Off Who Is It Targeting: Tucson Electric Power Customers in Tucson, Arizona What Is It: Individuals in t... read more..


Phishing Scams Masking as OPM Data Breach Notifications

It’s inevitable that in any widespread crisis-response, thieves and scammers will come out of the woodwork to take advantage of the publicity—and the emotions—surrounding the situation. Just as sca... read more..


New ID Theft Bill Would Limit Use of Social Security Numbers

New ID Theft Bill Would Limit Use of Social Security Numbers One of the most taken-for-granted pieces of government documentation has got to be the poor, misunderstood Social Security card. While it ... read more..


Today's Grave Robbers: ID-Theft Criminals

America continues to age with an ever-increasing percentage of our population falling into the senior segment, with more and more of "The Greatest Generation" are passing each day. Identity thieves ar... read more..


Telemarketing Company Suffers Apparent Internal Data Breach

Internal data breaches occur when an employee of a company or organization uses his or her position to gain access to individuals’ personal identifiable information. Typically, the reason for accessin... read more..


Wells Fargo Texting Scam

Wells Fargo Texting Scam There have been reports of a scam involving text messages regarding banking accounts. Scam: Bank Text Message Scam What Is It: Individuals are receiving text messages cla... read more..

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