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Fraudulent Driver’s Licenses: What you Should Do

Fraudulent Driver’s Licenses: What you Should Do Either through a failed attempt at renewing your driver's license, an unexpected failed background check during a pre-employment screening, or through... read more..


Staying Safe on eBay

Staying Safe on eBay For over ten years eBay has been used by consumers to find deals on the things they want as well as an affordable way to sell items, whether you are cleaning out your attic or st... read more..


Top 5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim of ID Theft

Identity theft is an ever-growing problem. What follows are 5 simple steps anyone can easily take to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. Get that Social Security Card and birt... read more..


To Check or Not to Check: That is the Question

Especially in today's age of accessible information, parents are more and more protective of their children's information. This is a wonderful thing because the more aware parents are of the risks to ... read more..


Financial Medical Identity Theft

When most people think of identity theft, they only imagine the financial implications of someone opening up credit cards or writing bad checks. However, there is a whole world of ways that these crea... read more..


Have you been “Spoofed?” Say What?

If you have scratched below the surface of the avalanche of articles on identity theft, scams, cyber-security, or related topics, you have probably run across the term "spoofing." However, even many o... read more..


Security of Cloud Backups

These days we hear a lot about "the cloud." There are services encouraging you to upload your data to the cloud, and you can access it from anywhere and easily share files with others. But the flip si... read more..


Shred for Your Protection

While more light still needs to be shown on all the electronic data breaches that are occurring every day, the less flashy and attention-getting forms of attaining personal identifying information sho... read more..


Phone and Social Media Tech Now Being Utilized by Police

Effective New Tool in the Fight Against Crime, or Invasion of Personal Privacy? Progress in technology is occurring faster than ever before in human history. The wealth of information now at our fing... read more..

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