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Identity Theft is Never on Sale

Sometimes, you want to buy something very specific and no stores in your area carry that item.  Other times, you get an email enticing you to attend a sale that is irresistibly good.  Maybe it is just... read more..


Medical Identity Fraud Alliance: A Call to Action

The Medical Identity Fraud Alliance has recently published its first whitepaper titled, The Growing Threat of Medical Identity Fraud: A Call to Action, focusing much needed attention on the urgent iss... read more..


Electronic Shredding – Get Rid of Ghost Data

Your computer’s hard drive contains an extraordinary amount of personal information; information that an identity thief could use to commit financial, criminal and medical fraud under your identity. S... read more..


How to Report an Email Phishing Scam

 In order to report an email phishing scam you have to know what it is and how to identify one when you see it. Phishing is the term used to describe the practice of criminals who will attempt to coax... read more..


Three Things to Tell Your College Freshman About Identity Theft

Sending your child off to college for the first time is incredibly exciting! All of the hard work you put into telling them to do their homework and filling out those applications has finally paid off... read more..


What is Governmental Identity Theft?

Governmental identity theft and fraud occurs when an imposter uses a victim’s personally identifiable information to obtain employment, obtain a driver’s license, receive unemployment benefits or rece... read more..


How To Protect Your Privacy on LinkedIn

How To Protect Your Privacy on LinkedIn LinkedIn is a wonderful social network that helps connect professionals to others in their field.  As far as a networking tool, it is incredibly useful.  Howev... read more..


State Attorneys General Voice Concern Over Affordable Care Act’s Navigator Program

Privacy concerns over the Affordable Care Act’s Navigator program has prompted thirteen State attorneys general to write a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius... read more..


Getting the Most Out of Your Antivirus

We are not yet thinking about 2014, but the antivirus community certainly is.  We can expect a lot of new product introductions in the antivirus sector as they attempt to get on your holiday shopping ... read more..


Cybersecurity Framework Incentive Ideas Released

On August 6, Michael Daniel, Special Assistant to the President and the Cybersecurity Coordinator, posted on the White House blog a set of possible incentives for companies that voluntarily adopt the ... read more..


Diary of Mystery Shopper Scam Victim

Day 1: Dear Diary – I am so excited!  I’ve been looking for work since I was laid off and now posting my resume all over the Internet has paid off!  I received a job offer, to be a mystery shopper, ju... read more..


Medical Identity Theft Twitter Chat Recap

Our most recent Twitter chat was a very exciting event for us here at the Identity Theft Resource Center.  This was our latest effort of many in which we have been concentrating on spreading awareness... read more..


Shared Workspace? Remember to Protect Your PII

Is your desk cluttered with papers? Old expense reports, post it note reminders, maybe even pay stubs?  Do you sometimes forget to log out of your computer before leaving your desk? Do you share your ... read more..


What a Breach Letter Really Means

It’s never fun to receive a breach letter in the mail. Out of nowhere, you’re informed that through no fault or ill-advised action of your own, your personally identifying information (PII) has been c... read more..


Face It: Internet Passwords Often Fail to Keep Hackers Out

Passwords “are starting to fail us,” says PayPal’s Chief Information Security Officer Michael Barrett at a recent event in Las Vegas.  Much like a locked front door to your home, it may serve as a min... read more..


ITRC Releases New Video

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) has released a new video explaining medical identity theft. The purpose of the video is to educate the public about the many issues surrounding this topic.  T... read more..



PRESENTATIONS Identity theft is not just something you read about in the paper. Everyone has a chance of becoming a victim. The monetary and emotional cost of repairing your identity can be extensive... read more..



TRAININGS Identity theft is not just something you read about in the paper. Everyone has a chance of becoming a victim. The monetary and emotional cost of repairing your identity can be extensive, re... read more..

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