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Synthetic identity Fraud Emerges as Growing Threat

Will the real you please stand up? I'm not trying to be funny, I just want to alert you to a new and emerging trend among ID-theft criminals who create a "synthetic" you. Most consumers think of ident... read more..


Twitter Chat on Back to School Identity Protection

As students around the country gear up for another wonderful school year—from preschool up through graduate school—there are some things that parents, teachers, and students must know in order to keep... read more..


Ms. Wilma

David here, and I just want to say "thank you" for your help, thank you for listening to me and most importantly helping me and sending me this information. I did apply the freeze or security alert to... read more..


Top Scams of the Week

Every week, the ITRC brings you the most prevalent or potentially harmful scams of the prior week, courtesy of the watchdogs at ScamDetector. The list below is culled from their top ten for August 22n... read more..


Where Could Next Cyber Threat Emerge? Experts Offer Hints

Newer cars, USB drives and in-flight Internet are among the looming dangers cited for information and physical security at the recent 17th annual Black Hat Conference. It's the world's premier global ... read more..


IL Attorney General Combats ID Theft

IL Attorney General Combats ID Theft With so many reports on ID theft, credit card theft, consumer fraud, and other cybercrimes, it can be tempting to think there’s nothing anyone can do to protect h... read more..


When Accessing Someone’s Internet Accounts Works in Your Favor

The news headlines are filled with reports of hacking, data breaches, cybercrimes, and identity theft, and it feels like criminals find new ways to take advantage of any flaws in our technology every ... read more..


New Legislation Aims to Prevent Identity Theft

It’s one of the more difficult conundrums surrounding internet use: the more awareness and education about internet safety that works its way into the public consciousness, the faster the bad guys hav... read more..


New FTC Campaign will give you tools and confidence to share your knowledge!

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a scam, you probably gained a wealth of experience and vowed to never have it happen again.  Many more of us have had a close call, where we almost had something horrib... read more..


Hidden Dangers to Avoid When Hiring a Freelancer

With the global online marketplace changing the way companies do business, a whole new world of employer-employee relationship is opening up. Freelancers, people who were once relegated to individuals... read more..


Top Scams of the Week

Every week, the ITRC highlights the top scams to make news around the internet. These are the top five phishing, identity theft, or data breach scams from the week of August 15th through 21st. #1 –... read more..


Charity Scams in the Wake of Robin Williams Death

The news that actor Robin Williams took his own life on Monday has struck a chord with millions of fans and many people have spent the week asking themselves why someone who made so many people laugh ... read more..


“Theftie”: Your Smartphone Just Got Smarter

You’ve heard of taking a “selfie,” in which you take a picture of yourself and post it to social media. You might even be an avid fitness fanatic and therefore have even taken a “runfie,” which is the... read more..


Keeping information private online is difficult

You may share too much personal information online. Your insurance records, credit records, driving records, employment records and purchasing records also are collected, saved and sold regularly. ... read more..


Thanks Wilma

THKS Wilma I have received paper work. I will be in touch. Thanks again for providing me with support. GZ... read more..


Hello Wilma

Hello Wilma, Thank you for all the help you have given me regarding the credit card fraud.  You have given me more encouragement and information than I have received from all of the many Companies who... read more..


National Night Out 2014

Thank you for your participation in the 11th Annual National Night Out. All the residents were ecstatic to meet you. It was a hot day and I appreciate you taking the time out to meet with all the mili... read more..


What Do Hackers Do with Corporate Security Breaches?

Corporate security breaches seem to make news headlines almost daily. Companies like Target, Sally Beauty, eBay, and more have recently been the victims of large-scale security breaches that resulted ... read more..


New York Sees Identity Theft Hit All-Time High

In some ways, last year wasn’t a good one for personal security, especially for the residents of the state of New York. In 2013, more than 900 different businesses experience data breaches or hacking ... read more..


ID theft criminals score during back-to-school time

Individuals ages 29 and younger represent 26 percent of all ID-theft victims. And as the back-to-school season revs up and students in this age bracket begin registering and enrolling in classes, comp... read more..


Facebook Ordered to Assist Court in Fighting Disability Fraud

In the largest data retrieval of its kind in the US, social media giant Facebook was ordered to turn over access to nearly four hundred of its users’ accounts to government investigators. While Facebo... read more..

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