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Sandy Not the Only Storm to Hit South Carolina:

SC Department of Revenue Reports Record Setting Data Breach It was admitted publicly by state officials yesterday that the tax and banking information from millions of South Carolinians may have been... read more..


How To Spot an Email Phishing Scam

How To Spot an Email Phishing Scam Throughout 2012, email phishing scams have become more prevalent than ever. The speed, convenience, and most importantly anonymity of sending email makes this the m... read more..


Wilma is Wonderful

Hello Mr. Davis, I wanted to tell you that Wilma is wonderful and she has been a tremendous amount of help to me, due to being a victim of Identity theft. I know that it was from one of the job appli... read more..


How to Teach Your Child About Cybersecurity

There was a time when every parent knew what to tell their children to be safe. Children knew not to take candy from strangers, or go swimming right after eating. These days the rules have all changed... read more..


Financial Identity Theft: The Basics

Almost everybody has heard the horror stories and nightmare scenarios of an identity thief gaining your personal information and using it to establish credi... read more..


Identity Theft & Public WiFi

Identity Theft and Public WiFi Linked in Consumer Minds The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), a nationally recognized non-profit focusing on identity theft and related issues, has just published... read more..


A Day in the Life of a Victim Advisor

I'm an old guy, and have been quite a few places, and done quite a few things. So, not much surprises me anymore. And, along with life's lessons, I acquired over 25 years of business experience before... read more..


How Can I Secure My Privacy on Google Chrome?

How Can I Secure My Privacy on Google Chrome? Recently at the ITRC, there have been several curious consumers who've contacted us asking how they can be more proactive protecting their privacy when t... read more..


A Thief Pulled My Credit Report? Now What?

When most people think of identity theft they think of a thief opening up fraudulent accounts under their name and information, charging huge amounts of money. What a lot of people don't consider is t... read more..


Check Fraud - What To Do When It Happens to You

Check Fraud - What To Do When It Happens to You With all the high-tech ways that hackers and identity thieves can help themselves to your money, it’s easy ... read more..


First the Banks, Now the White House

It has been a particularly disturbing couple of weeks as headlines throughout America highlight how some of our most powerful financial institutions were being hacked by alleged foreign powers. It all... read more..


Classification to Mitigation

What You Need to Know about the Multiple Faces of Identity Theft Identity theft is a term now common in the American vernacular. Though the term is familiar, what it represents is often misunderstood... read more..


Ransomware - It Can Happen to Anyone

Last week someone in my family asked me if I could help them with their computer. I asked them what was seemed to be wrong with the machine. They told me that it would start normally at first, but as ... read more..

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