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Lawmakers to Reintroduce Do Not Track Kids Act

Senator Edward J. Markey and Rep. Joe Barton will soon be reintroducing their Do Not Track Kids Act, a bill that would update the existing Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), The Hill re... read more..


Voice of Reason

Since its formation in 1999, the Identity Theft Resource Center has maintained a centrist position when it comes to the issues surrounding identity theft.  With Americans polarized on so many issues, ... read more..


5 Places Credit Card Skimming Can Occur

5 Places Credit Card Skimming Can Occur For consumers who may be unaware, skimming is a tactic used to steal credit card information. The thief can procure... read more..


Cyber Insurance: What is it and why would you get it?

If you run a business that has commercial interests and online interactions (as nearly all companies do these days), you might consider cyber insurance as a tool to mitigating the potential financial ... read more..


California Personal Privacy Ballot Initiative Dropped

Steve Peace and Michael Thorsnes, sponsors of the California Personal Privacy Initiative, have given up on collecting the 807,615 signatures needed to qualify the measure for the ballot. The propos... read more..


The Dangers of Spies on Your Keyboard

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, this year and the foreseeable future, one in five small businesses in the U.S. will be hacked. Of those that do get hacked, there’s a better than 60%... read more..


Teachable Moments in Identity

As parents we start teaching our kids the basics of how the world and everything in it work.  The Cow goes Moo, the sky is blue, keep your identity true.  This suggestion may feel like it goes a bit t... read more..


Can Someone Steal Your Identity From Your Driver’s License?

Can Someone Steal Your Identity From Your Driver’s License?  At the ITRC, our trained staff handle anywhere from 900 to well over 1,000 new victim cases each month.  One of the more common questions ... read more..


New Privacy Laws Abound in California

Reaffirming California’s place as a nationwide leader in consumer privacy law, Governor Brown signed three privacy bills into law on September 27. This comes just days after he signed SB 568 into law,... read more..


Protecting the Elderly from Identity Theft

Studies have consistently shown that the elderly are an especially high risk population when it comes to falling victim to scams, fraudsters, and identity thieves.  Elderly people are particularly at ... read more..


How Far We Have Come

As the Identity Theft Resource Center helps to recognize National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it is appropriate for us to reflect upon how much has changed in the world of privacy, cyber security ... read more..

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